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  1. TimReyli

    Approved Last Chance Appeal

    it says im banned ?
  2. TimReyli

    Rejected Appeal for last chance

    Respect Mazhor, I got banned 60 days ago because of pc check, that ban passed, I just tried to enter but I have a ban from ban avade, I used to ban avade 2 days after the ban for pc check and it lasted maybe a day and a half , I was a retard, I admit, I just want to continue playing because rs...
  3. TimReyli

    Rejected Unban Appeal | Andelko Pluxury

    Dear Mazhor, Please think again about my last chance. I would like to play on the best RAGEMP Project again. The reason I am writing these requests is both of us know that this is the best and most interesting project with the best communtiy. I don't think I made such a huge problem with the...
  4. TimReyli

    Rejected Unban Appeal

    Dear Mazhor, I apologize if I did anything wrong ... I don't want to go on any other project because grand is the best and I want to continue playing on this server with my best friends again. I want to ask you for one last chance <3 If I can't get total unban at least please social club unban...
  5. TimReyli

    Approved Ban Appeal | Ivkezz Obama

    Hello Mazhor, on 18.7 i got banned for 1.1 and 1.4 gen rules by Curator Of Admin. Ivkezz, i guess thats because i changed my social club, i sended info to Chief Admin Abraham that i changed social club, im really sorry if i did some rulebreak i really want a second chance, thanks. Best regard...
  6. TimReyli

    Rejected Unban Appeal

    Respect Mazhor, I got a ban based on pc check by senior admin and I think this is even their first pc check. I’ve never been reported to cheat. I played several turf seasons on the rs server. After my ban, I decided to play on an English server where I have been actively playing turfs since my...
  7. TimReyli

    Rejected Unban Appeal / SocialClub Ban Appeal / Mazhor

    I'm asking you for another chance or at least for the unban social club, I want to continue hanging out with the friends I made on the server and to have fun and try a new update! I would like to apologize for anything bad I did, thanks for reading Mazhor. Have a nice day!
  8. TimReyli

    Rejected Social Club Unban Appeal | Mazhor

    I got ban for 4.1 and i already sent appeal but you rejected it ,my social club is blocked so please if at least I cant get unban on the main account can I get social club unban so I can play on my twink account. Thanks again! I'm really excited about the new update and I want to have fun with...
  9. TimReyli

    Rejected Unban Appeal | Mazhor

    Respect mazhor I got banned for rule 4.1, while driving through the ghetto admin teleported to me and told me that I would be pc checked, after pc check they did not find any illegal software except the file that serves to "avoid" pc check, honestly I didn't even know that it was in that .txt...
  10. TimReyli

    Rejected Possible Cheats | ID: 3740

    200+ Demage-a brat moj ne pada
  11. TimReyli

    Approved Geto pravilo 1.12 | id: 5168

    lik me ubio posle robanja i roba tokom gf-a a ubio me nije mi rekao ni stani ne mrdaj ili bilo sta
  12. TimReyli

    Approved Bezanje u HQ | ID:2685

  13. TimReyli

    Rejected HP Cheat | ID:7167

    Jos dok je bio na krovu dobija 64 + 13 kada silazi dole hila se medkitom DOK ANIMACIJA TRAJE dobija 53 2x puta ne umire i tek na trecem hitu umire
  14. TimReyli

    Approved Psovanje majke | id:10710

  15. TimReyli

    Approved Policajac sam u getu | id:13971

    lik sam u getu rivajva random lika i jos krece da vadi pusku na mene + nema pratnju
  16. TimReyli

    Approved Mercy Kill | ID:17823

    overava svog lika
  17. TimReyli

    Approved G.P. 6.7 | ID: 7167

    00:09 Ubijam (7167 koliko znam lidera Ballas Ganga) i nastavljam dalje pucanje u getu posle samo **2** minuta on se vraca na isto mesto sa revolverom u ruci i puca cime krsi G.P. 6.7 (moze se videti u 02:23)... zahtevam da se igrac kazni , da napomenem jos jednom ovo radi LIDER te iste...
  18. TimReyli

    Approved Possible cheats | ID:19523

    Kao sto se vidi dobija 1x 64 potom 13 + 13 +11 = 101 demage i ne umire vec umire kad sam ga opet upucao 53 health bar je bkv prazan a on jos uvek puca
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