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  1. Mujo Mustafic

    Pohvale za administratore

    Information: 1. U ovom odjeljku svoju zahvalnost možete ostaviti administratorima. 2. Vaša zahvalnost treba biti zapisana u formatu i treba imati jasnu bit same zahvale. 3. Za nepotrebne uvrede u ovoj temi. Račun na forumu će biti blokiran. Obrazac za pisanje zahvalnice: 1. Vaše ime: 2. Ime...
  2. Mujo Mustafic

    IMPORTANT Aplikacije za lidera stranke

    1) Potpune informacije o stranci i kandidatima. 2) Program stranke (ideologija, svrha, ciljevi / predizborna obećanja) Napomena * najmanje 4 predizborna obećanja; 3) Popis članova stranke. Napomena: moguće je dodati bilo koje ideje od sebe. (Na primjer: sponzori) 4) Partijski slogan i slika 5)...
  3. Mujo Mustafic

    IMPORTANT Aplikacije za Admina

    Informacije 1. Vaše ime u RL 2. Vaše godine 3. Vremenska zona 4. Prosječna aktivnost na dan 5. Vaš Diskord 6. Vaše Ingame ime 7. Vaš ID Dodatne Informacije 1. Zašto želite postati admin? 2. Koje su vaše prednosti? 3. Koje su vaše najveće slabosti? 4. Hoćete li biti spremni napustiti RP život da...
  4. Mujo Mustafic

    IMPORTANT Aplikacije za Lidere

    Informacije 1. Vaše ime u RL 2. Vaše godine 3. Vremenska zona 4. Prosječna aktivnost na dan 5. Vaš Diskord 6. Vaše Ingame ime 7. Vaš ID Dodatne Informacije 1. Lider za... 2. Zašto želite biti Lider ove posebne organizacije? (Navedite tri razloga s objašnjenjem) 3. Vaši savjeti za poboljšanje...
  5. Mujo Mustafic

    IMPORTANT Pravila za popunjavanje žalbe

    Pravila za podnošenje žalbe: Temu treba odraditi strogo prema obrascu; Primjer#1: DM | ID 8211 Primjer#2: SK | ID 7800 Primjer#3: Cheats | ID 8066 Spamovanje s istom vrstom tema je zabranjena; Zabranjeno je vrijeđanje bilo koga i izazivanje uvreda; Skrinšot treba uploadovati na imgur.com...
  6. Mujo Mustafic

    IMPORTANT Pravila za podnošenje žalbi protiv administratora i pomoćnika

    Pravila za podnošenje žalbe: Tema treba biti oblikovana strogo prema obrascu; Naslov teme trebao bi ukratko opisati suštinu problema i nadimak administratora koji je izrekao kaznu (u protivnom administrator provjere ima pravo odbiti razmotriti žalbu). Primjer#1: Demorgan za DM| Suljo Obama...
  7. Mujo Mustafic

    Rejected MG + DM + Insults + Toxicity | 62

    First of all I'm chilling in my family house while I'm getting insulting sms messages on my phone from a number 6666666. Starting to Insult me regarding some house robbery and me peacefully asking who's this while the biggest toxic in this server starts saying "fuck you and everything you...
  8. Mujo Mustafic

    Rejected Cheating | 31481

    Its starting to be so anoying that so many people are using some kind of lag switches to not take any damage as its clearly registering on my end. It's impossible that so many reports like these end up being a dsync...
  9. Mujo Mustafic

    Approved Regroup │Unofficial organization

    Family name: Regroup Family Founder: Mujo Mustafic Family house no: 42 Family Founder discord: NixA#4919 ------------History of the family ------------ 4 months ago Me, my wife and my brother came to this city because my friend from Balkan gave us free a Visa to come to Los Santos and help us...
  10. Mujo Mustafic

    Rejected Swearing Religion | 59459

    He is swearing religious things in the family chat, he got kicked but this is really offensive for me and my whole family. Edit: You don't need to understand this language but you can clearly see he is mentioning "Allah" and "Bog" which is God and he typed the F word with it so you see the point
  11. Mujo Mustafic

    Rejected Cheats | 2026

    As soon as he/them joined the circle for the family battle he instant shoots me inside the bush and kills me behind the house somehow. I'd like to request a full POV from him.
  12. Mujo Mustafic

    Rejected Demorgan + Warning for RDM IN GZ | 8211

    First of all I was on my bike just driving around the parking in the city where 2 dudes with 30k ID's just killed me and I called an admin for dm in gz which can be seen here ( ). While I was at ground unconscious my game crashed so when I entered again I went to my fam house and went down to...
  13. Mujo Mustafic

    Rejected DM in city | Aki Sixninez

    I was in the ghetto for the past 30-45 minutes in a shoutout with other members and I got jailed for DM in city in the middle of the shoutout. I want to see a POV of this demorgan and where mister Aki clearly knows that we where there for a very long time and he came last minute and demorganed...
  14. Mujo Mustafic

    Reviewed MG AND FAIL RP | ID 2793

    First of all, guy named "Remy Polo" on discord contacted me via DISCORD to buy some ammo from me where I previously posted that I'm selling ammo in discord marketplace. After a little chat with him he accepted to meet up so we do the deal. He comes to the location where we discussed and brings...
  15. Mujo Mustafic

    Approved DM | ID 6923 | #00001

    Killing literally everyone for no reason at all as seen in the clip. 2021-05-12 19-05-24_Trim
  16. Mujo Mustafic

    Rejected DM | ID 4214| #00001

    He got out of the car and killed me for no reason at all. My ID: 8211 Suspect ID: 4214 Clip: 2021-05-12 18-02-27_Trim
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