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    Rejected Mulitple Ballas | Provoking inside our HQ

    I wanna see what string the admins gonna pull on this one, this is provoking at its finest.
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    Approved ID 27388 | NLR, OOC Toxicity.

    VDM all day to kill and then when combat loggers are offline and runs back to HQ and saying it's provoking, stay in the forums L frog.
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    Rejected searched without while hands were down | ID 37473

    and to add they were offering hugs to spread diseases but and they were not pointing guns most of the time.
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    Approved almost got scammed | ID ? no 9110001

    he try to sell house no 993 which is a belongs to primey west whos number is different
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    Approved searched without putting my hands up first | ID 30976

    done in a house which I am not sure if it ok to do cause admins were not even sure.
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    Approved killed in GZ outside ghetto | ID 148

    got killed for no absolute reason in the green zone, guy was probably trigger happy in the wrong place.
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    Reviewed Not wearing 51% in cland | 6473

    got killed while she entered in cland wearing full black and white shoes. ghetto rule 1.9
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    Rejected DM in green zone | Mass bloods report

    you guys have fun combat logging bro, and btw there were ooc insults in the video from you guys calling them `monkeys`.
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    Approved Combat Logging | ID 27640, 10481

    stop lying, oh I went to drink water, power outage, all this bullshit you ballas have is crazy how you think it might work on admins. the question mark doesn't show up during crash hopefully I am not mistaken.
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    Approved Mixing OOC IC, Not complying with demands | ID 27388

    too many clips bro still digging.
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    Approved Mixing OOC IC, Not complying with demands | ID 27388

    bro everyone in our gang knows you and 858 as the most famous combat loggers wait let me find some clips of this.
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    Approved Mixing OOC IC, Not complying with demands | ID 27388

    ballas being ballas what can I say :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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    Rejected Ballas combat logging | ID 10481

    he died with a balla so I just assumed but still, he cant combat log, you completely left the topic because you are biassed towards them.
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    Rejected Ballas combat logging | ID 10481

    proving themselves again ballas combat logging
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    Rejected this is why people hat/leave ballas

    yea ballas don't care about recruits and just use newbies for parachutes in cland but in street fights they break all kinds of rules, here in bloods I see multiple kicks for inactivity not just breaking rules.
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