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    Approved Non Rp flying | 11212

    I was heading towards city and then i saw FIB doing Non Rp Flying
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    Approved Rdm | Racist | 73726

    I was downed by an accident waiting for the ems at that time id no 73726 is doing vdm and giving racist comments
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    Approved Combat log | 36551

    This person was at BM and left the rp situation
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    Approved Non Rp | 6420

    When I was down I was heal by not doing proper RP.
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    Rejected Shooting in HQ | ID:55301

    I just went to sit in car the stranger came and shot me in HQ
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    Rejected Fail Rp | 40451

    I was mining and i wanted to give a level 3 pickaxe to my friend bt due to miss click i gave it to the stranger Id no 40451 . so when i confronted hime he did not gave any responce I tried to talk it out bt he wasn't responding and later he disconnected. I want my level 3 pickaxe back.My id (7259)
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