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  1. BKz

    Reviewed POV Request | Playboy Family | 53140, 42191, 52332 ID

    Astronomically cringe
  2. BKz

    Approved Possible Cheat I 38434

    .delete this please
  3. BKz

    Approved Mass Rule Break | Playboy (175400 / 2708 / 48024)

    175400 has never been a part of playboy
  4. BKz

    Approved Mass Rule Break | "The Opps" (88195/12520/114764/137864)

    Don’t even go the admin deceit route lmao. I believed they were due to the fact that they were rolling with you guys earlier. Sucks ur new members are getting warns tho😣 Hence why I put it in quotes due to the fact that earlier they were saying “We the Opps” before we killed them.
  5. BKz

    Approved Mass Rule Break | "The Opps" (88195/12520/114764/137864)

    Hello, I would just like to start off by saying that these rule breaks immensely destroyed my immersion in this roleplay scenario. It just sucks after spending your hard earned bullets and body armor that a person would just disappear and you not being able to take any of their stuff. In the...
  6. BKz

    Approved Mass Rule Break | Playboy (175400 / 2708 / 48024)

    chicken nuggies
  7. BKz

    Approved CL | 62

    Metagaming and camping gz cringe
  8. BKz

    Reviewed Unban Appeal | Mazhor Pluxury

    Hello, my name on the server was Johnny Creed and I was banned around 5-6 months ago for Cheating. I understand what I did was wrong but to be fair I have seen people being given a second chance after noclipping around and aimbotting people when I was simply using a lag switch in the arena...
  9. BKz

    Reviewed Mass Rule Break | Multiple Ids

    So much hostility, but on a real note let's drink some campaign.
  10. BKz

    Rejected Ghetto Rule 1.7 | Itachi God & Andy Margiella

    Hello, I was at a store robbery CLEARLY in 51% and I got demorganed with them saying I need to learn the rule when clearly it states "1.7 All gangmembers must wear clothes at least 51% of their gang's color". They said "The red in the pants has to be prodominant" I have been wearing this outfit...
  11. BKz

    Rejected Permanant Ban for Cheatingr| Mazhor Pluxury (FOR CURATOR OF THE PROJECT)

    Hello, around 2+ months ago I was banned for Cheating as a Leader. Recently I have been wanting to get back into Grand as the community has been growing a lot and from what I have seen the new staff team has been nothing but super nice and helpful towards me. I am willing to be pc checked or...
  12. BKz

    Rejected Ban for Cheats| Mazhor Pluxury

    I am willing to be pc checked aswell
  13. BKz

    Rejected Ban for Cheats| Mazhor Pluxury

    Hello, id say nearly 3 months back I was banned for cheating. I was banned permanently for cheating as a leader and I have since then been allowed to play on an alt account as well as play on Eng 2. I was just wondering if there could be a chance I could get my main unbanned as it has been over...
  14. BKz

    Reviewed Cheats | 404

  15. BKz

    Reviewed Cheats | 404

    Hello, so me and my gang were at a clandestine when this guy that's straight invincible starts killing all of us after putting 500+ damage into him and his health bar not going down at all until he stands still at the end (might've been turning his god mode off idk) just a little sus. POV 1 POV...
  16. BKz

    Rejected Blacklisted | Sam Pluxury

    Furthermore, I am not blacklisted on English 1 if you need confirmation you can message mazhor.
  17. BKz

    Rejected Blacklisted | Sam Pluxury

    Hello, just got back from work and saw I was blacklisted lol. Its just crazy how there was no reason and if the reason is because im "permad" here you go :P Proofs
  18. BKz

    Rejected VAGOS MASS RULEBREAKS | Doing Animations on dead body | Ghetto Rules 1.14

    Time will tell, wanna talk shit? Watch the incoming ban feed :P
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