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Increase Service jobs Interaction

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Jun 3, 2021

thank you GTA5Grand for such wonderful and stable UIs. I have never seen such large scale servers with great care for detail and API/Packages stability. Also for criminal robbery, it is very well balanced. However new players would not be able to differentiate if robbers are actually roleplaying or power gaming their way to get their money. I do not have a solution/suggestion for this problem unfortunately.

In order to truly increase roleplay immersion, public services jobs needs to be reformed.

Scripts/Jobs like
- Mechanic/Workshop Services
- Hospital & Medical Services
- Taxi/DCC Services

This post, i will elaborate more on Mechanic/Workshop

(Mechanical Services)
All Workshop/repair/upgrade shop should have active role-players to communicate with customer role-players and to conduct /me /do commands such as issuing invoices and doing mechanical work with /me. mechanics roles asking customers questions on what they would want to do with their vehicle, be it upgrade/repair or anything dealing with mechanical services.

How i think it should work to tremendously increase immersion and communication.

1) RPing Customer arrives at workshop/garage.
2) RPing Customer with his car will be able to access a User Interface that allows him/her to customize the vehicle to his liking.
3) RPing mechanic will ask customer if he/she needs help with anything and proceed to roleplay with eg. “ /me <Takes out an ipad to note down customer’s request “
“ /do <Will customer accept an invoice printed out from the ipad? “
4) RPing Customer will have to reply to this roleplay.
5) Once accepted the invoice, customer will proceed to pay for the mechanical service which could be issued by the RPing mechanic.
6) Upon acceptance. RPing Mechanic will drive vehicle into garage/workshop and commence the work in invoice.
7) Once done, mechanic will drive the vehicle out.

Basically the vehicle mods/repairs UI should only be exclusively RPing Mechanics.
without any RPing Mechanics on duty, Customers will not be able to repair or upgrade the vehicles.

There are more for improvement to increase roleplay immersion and interaction. That is all for today’s post to all GTA5Grand Admins and Developers.

Thank you.
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