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Apr 30, 2022
1. IRL name: ralfs
2. Age: 19
3. Average daily online: 7-10 hours
4. Time Zone: GMT
5.palma blu | 46548
6. Discord : palma#4299

Additional information
1. Why I should be the bloods Leader

Since my first day I have been involved in gang activity. the ghetto has taught me illegal RP and I have understood the terms and rules of the city in a proper way.I can also handle any type of situations in the crime world. I will make sure that I have a gang with skill based people and help us rule the ghetto. Its been 5-6 months since I have playing on GRP server1 and 2. all tho its not a lot of time i have learned a lot from my expierience. my strengths are that I am very confident and can lead people. I will also make sure that every single person in the gang follow RP rules strictly. and people are satisfied with my leadership. in the most generous way believe that I am perfectly fit for the leadership role of the The bloods.

2. About my achievements and experience of playing on GTA 5 GRAND RP. I have done my job extremely good as there was never a conflict or issue of my work. I know all the rules as well. with my experience and knowledge I think I am perfectly fit for the leadership role of the The bloods.i olso have been a KING-PIN in bloods for 2 terms and everyone was hapy with my leading

3. How will I improve RP-I will make sure that every member of my Gang is following all the rules. I will try to solve all the issues in IC rather than going on forums but if needed I will do the other way too.

4. My goals for bloods:
1)Increase rate of crime in the city
2)Respect every gang member
3)100% Spray
4)100% Turf
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