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Application for Party Leader

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May 7, 2021
The San Andreas "For The People" Party

"By The People, For The People"

"One State One Mission"

About the "For The People" Party

We are all about the people in this party as you could probably tell by the name. Our Candidate is King Jah, the current sitting Deputy Governor, and his Deputy's will be Omar Camarta . His spokespersons will be Kris Kringle, Jd Roy, and Kaze Lights. The Minister of Finance will be Black Opium. The Minister of Homeland Security will be Strife McMillan . The PR Manager is Dre Balenciaga. King Jah and the entire FTP party are focused on making sure the people of the city are more involved within the inner workings of the Government by allowing the citizens to come to us with any concerns, questions, and ideas they have to make the city a better place for ALL. The FTP is made up of people who are already part of the current administration and we would like to continue our work in the Government to make the city a better, safer, and more enjoyable place for people to come. Most importantly we must do it for the legacy of the fallen Nova Grey.


We believe in allowing the public to be involved in decisions made by the Government. We will work tirelessly to make sure

any ones concerns are answered to the best of our abilities. We can not promise everything that is asked of us be here are 4 of the

things that I can promise will be brought into action if we get picked as the next administration.


|Enhanced Law Enforcement training|

Our goal is to aim for a more organic and proactive experience every time a civilian interacts with law enforcement. With that being said, our party will work tireless injunction with each department to improve the quality of life on specific aspects that makes us great and understanding. More fluid, meaningful and progressive negotiations. Strategical, tactical and intermediate training to increase success rate of hostage rescue's, store robberies, bank heist and more. We win, the city wins, you win.


For those who are unaware, we currently have no citizen union. Well.. that ends when we are elected. Engineered flawless we will introduce Congress, the Senate and House of Representatives. A quick run down of how that will look is: Congress will be the legislative body that creates national laws for the City (currently being doing flawless by the Whitewinds). It's then divided into two parts: a lower division and a higher division. House of Representatives create laws, and if the majority of Representatives approve them, the law moves up to the Senate for review. The Senate review laws passed by the House of Representatives. If those laws get approved by a majority of Senators, it is sent to the Governor for them to sign off on or veto. This means the city will directly be involved with course of action moving forward by electing leaders/members from an organization, family or outside source to represent their interest. Eliminate hegemony, increase harmony.

|Increased LSPD presence|

With constant growing numbers in the city, we need to revamp and reinforce our departmental presence within the city limits. That being said, state police will tighten the rope on city wide patrol. To all the criminals who subvert order by drug smuggling, speeding, driving on the wrong side of the road, robbing innocents of their hard earn paycheck or causing ruckus at the casino. All that comes to a screeching halt. We will advocate for increased fining or sentencing, stricter forgiveness grace period and gun licenses probation for repeat offenders.

|Departmental clemency|

We will show our appreciation to our legal workers city wide by decreasing the cost of items such as gun licenses, name changes, and more. No matter if you're a taxi driver and the guy in-front of you is a FIB field instructor. The price will be the same for everyone because we would like to have a constant reminder, that we thank you guys for the service you provide constantly.

Party Members and Sponsors


-King Jah


-Omar Camarata

-Thor Black


-Kris Kringle

-Kaze Light

-Jd Roy

Minister of Finance:

-Black Opium

-Minister of Homeland Security:

-Strife Mcmillian

  • Kira DeCali
PR Manager:

-Dre Balenciaga

Current Administration:

-Mister Whitewind

-Miss Whitewind

-Olivia Black

- Thor Black

-Ryan Versace

-Quickgun Murugan

-Sauco Guapo

-Pugsley Jackson

-Johnny Black

-Obi Toppin

-Wagyu Wuhan

-Bill Israel

-Sierra Rae


-Melvin Linguine

-Santiago West

-Kaylani Chambers

-Ina Black

-Black Opium

-Jay Green

Org Leaders:

-Cody Miles

-Melvin Jennings

-Evanagelia Papakosta

-Derek Morgan






Date Party Was Created:


Requirements for joining FTP:

*Clean Criminal record

*Been in the city for at least 8 years

*Have good knowledge of City laws

*Knowledge of City Rules

*Excited About Making the city a better place

Zac Zero

May 26, 2021
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