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Jun 23, 2021

As a small group of misfits the Blicky Boys tend to fly under the radar. Always working 9-5's or on the hunt for the next big score, this family keeps to themselves, maintaining regular jobs (pilots, firefighters, taxi drivers, loggers) or sometimes indulging in the occasional life of crime including drug trafficking, robbing people, or gun running.

Founded ten years ago in Liberty city, the Blicky Boys family started with a random group of people who seemed to be on the same page as far as goals and dedication to their craft. And because of this random assembly, the Blicky Boys will allow other random citizens and newcomers into their family to learn the ropes of Los Santos and find a place in this very harsh and unforgiving world.

The Blicky Boys bring to the table, an entry point into Los Santos, for everyone to pave their way into the city and make a name for themselves. This family strives for loyalty and success. They add to the family bank account all profits from businesses owned by its members or any lucritive activities that the members might participate in. Anyone caught breaking the rules is left to fend for themselves in the streets of Los Santos. They want to be helpful and open minded to what each of its members wants to do with their future in LS so they welcome newcomers and assist each other in each of their chosen professions.

The Hierarchy is as follows:

The Godfather
Godfather Makavelli

The Dons
Suga Honey
Royal Snipes

Kyle Denial
McLovin Syrup

Jack Murdock

“ “

With the leader being Godfather Makavelli, he is the number one shot caller of the family his word is absolute. The two dons of the family were instated to pass down the word of the godfather so that he can focus more on the family as a whole. The underbosses are the ones overseeing the soldiers and keep them in line Ensuring that ALL Family and City rules are followed. The enforcer was hired as a multipurpose individual. Sometimes he is called on to be used as personal guard, other times, as a lone hit man. Occasionally, he is asked to whip new recruits into shape if they seem to stray from the rules.

In General, there was no planned direction that this family started with, they found each other, and, being on different paths to success, they helped one another. And so, they allow many different people into their family and many different trades. It is not correct to say that they wont occasionally delve into crime, but it is Correct to say that this family is destined for greatness. All are welcome with open arms and will be guided down the path of success.

Family Motto: "Wake up and choose...."
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