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    Before making complaint with a prefix for curator of the project please read these rules.
    1. Make complaint only in case if you already posted for high admins and they did not help you.
    2. Complaints for curator of the project ONLY for management level complaints. You can't appeal your warning or 7 days ban. You can appeal only permanent or long-term bans.

    Thank you for attention! (c) Mazhor Pluxury
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daniel askobar
Administrators nickname
Mar 3, 2022
No there proof


Mar 10, 2022
Hello admin, I came to tell you the reason why I'm on the train. I came to the game about two months ago. I played a bit and then came up with quotes to check something out. Worth then I saw that my first player who is in Ban has another 8 days so I wanted to try to download him so I went to the forum and wrote there that I apologize and I did not mean and Danny will not do it anymore and then a manager named mahzor said he does not download Ban to scammers so I replied to Discord because I had It's easier because she speaks my language and she said she would help me so I told her he did not want to help me American or English move whatever it is and that something needs to be done with it she told me no problem okay she will help me she told me what my ID so I told her What's my ID and while I believe her she's helping me she's been working on me all this time there was some moment she's told me Kahia is trying to send me what the ID is again

So I told her the ID again and then after three minutes I am in the ban and also talked to James Pluxury to understand what I did because he is the one who gave me the ban and he told me I cursed Mazhor and I did not curse I have already written to you what I said about him I understand he was very sorry Sorry everything was said designers I know it hurts Assel I did not really mean to hurt I got upset because no one really gave me an answer and in the end I also snatched a ban in my player I opened I really ask you I did not mean to curse or hurt anyone I really really apologize from the heart I do not want to hurt In no one it's not informing anyone either it just came out to me that way designers I hope you understand me because I'm really a nice person and I did not mean to make trouble to anyone mazhor I am very very sorry if hurt I did not mean anything please release me the players please my ID It's 124454 and the first player id 102164

And I'll once again apologize to you wholeheartedly. It was created without intention and I really want to play with you on the server. I'm already a whole day like this.

Please give me another chance I will not do any more nonsense I promise I just really want to play and I can not feel sorry for me and let me play with my friends I am sorry it will not happen again I promise

Alex Odd

Deputy Chief Administrator
Deputy Chief Administrator
Apr 28, 2021
make new account and stat play fair
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