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IMPORTANT Section Rules [Before creating a topic, read all the items]

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Account ID
Problem type
Missing item(s) or vehicle
Apr 1, 2021
Missing item(s) or vehicle
my weapons were stolen when I entered the server


Technical Administrator
Apr 28, 2021
An example of filling out the form is given above

Section Rules:
1. For an attempt to deceive the administration or violation of the rules, the account will be blocked.
2. Only the author, witnesses, and the responsible administrator are allowed to write in the topics.
3. The topic should be created strictly according to the form, the topic name should have an adequate name and the essence of what happened. (for example: error in the text).
4. The administration has the right to reject a topic that is not written in the form.
5. Suggestions for improvements are accepted in our Discord server (channel #suggestions): discord.gg/grand
6. The description should be accompanied by a document in the form of a screenshot/video recording. [NEW]

Attention! Read this before you write with a donation problem:
1. It is not possible to return the money that was sent to the account.
2. If you make a mistake with the account number, the money is not returned.
3. Donat via PayPal can be credited with a delay - this is a feature of the payment system.
4. Make sure that you have used the "check deposits" button in the store. (instructions)
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