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Mazhor Pluxury
Aug 5, 2022

Ajdin Luxury

Vendetta on top!
Jun 9, 2021
Hello Mazhor sorry for disturbing you but I know you are realistic and always seeking for justice.
Let me introduce myself I am leader of FIB on RS server and I never had any problem with ex government or any other organisation I like to think for myself I am team player who hates toxicity so
Last 15 days GOV is trying to find any way to disband my organisation and main reason for that is OOC hate on my family (vendetta).
Whole GOV is in Hydra family and they have so much hate expacialy Matke Magluta who you probbably familiar with (you personaly banned him for Racism) and several times banned and disbanded by balkan admins so they declined
They trying disband me for not having gun licence and it expired while I was not even in game they looking for any reason to disband me / decline my case files so I cannot achieve my goal and get pikachu whats more funnier I have picture to prove that this is against family and not FIB itself they also said in this picture that next person who got disbanded is Mau Shrek(14960) who is leader of SAHP and he is also a member of vendetta family.
I am gonna translate this for you but balkan admins can translate it too
They are being exremly toxic and I dont think that way GOV should be run.
Sorry for taking your time I am just so frustrated because I gave my best in FIB and they destroying my experience and gameplay in FIB.

Matke Magluta: We have government son they can suck our dick everybody
Matke Magluta: Dont wory we gonna disband SAHP too
Sake Sakic (user... on discord on this photo): I am gonna call to hydra if it doesnt work disband SAHP

I think this is next level of toxicity and hate to intentionally disband somebody

Mujo Mustafic

Deputy Chief Administrator
Deputy Chief Administrator
May 8, 2021
Postovanje, nakon detaljnog pregleda vase zalbe odlucio sam slijedece:
- Slike koje ste prilozili kao dokaze ne mogu se uzeti u obzir jer je to family chat i jedan obicni igrac ne moze disbandati jednu organizaciju. Takodje osoba sa dokaza nije Lider ni zamjenik lidera tako da nece biti uticaja na njegovu organizaciju.
- FIB ce dobiti disband zbog jucerasnje situacije (
) Nazalost ovakvo ponasanje najozbiljnije organizacije na serveru se ne moze tolerisati.
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