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Interesting FAQ on RolePlay Wagering

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Apr 28, 2021
In this section you will find useful information about RolePlay wagering and their description on our project

Team /me

The command denotes the third-person wagering of your character's actions.
Note: Actions that have animation do not need to be played back.
Rules of wagering: the team is played with a small letter, in the present tense.

Example of wagering:
  • /me takes out a pen with a quick movement of his right hand, throws it into a puddle
  • /me looks at the man with the scar on his face
  • /me takes a knife out of his pocket, goes to the man, cuts off the mask

Example of incorrect wagering:

  • /me washes the floor [1/3]
  • /me sits down
  • /me Searches the person opposite, pops the top layer of clothing.
  • / me took a knife from his pocket, cut off the mask

The /do command
Describes the state of your character and the objects around you.
With this command, you can ask questions to other players about their state, or the state of objects nearby.
Wagering rules: the command is played with a capital letter and with a dot at the end of the sentence (question mark). It is forbidden to win back in your favor, to win back an action for another character.

Example of wagering:
  • /do There is a pitcher full of water on the table in front of you.
  • /do Is the person lying on the ground injured?
  • /do What was found?

Example of incorrect wagering:
  • /do Process...
  • /do The person opposite lies dead(Third-person wagering).

Command /try

The command is used in situations where there may be multiple event outcomes.
Wagering rules: the team is played with a small letter without punctuation marks at the end. It is forbidden to use this command several times in a row. If you still have [Failed] - play a few actions with the command /me, and then repeat the play /try.

Example of wagering:

  • /try took the weapon and fired a couple of shots at the target. All the bullets hit the target
Example of incorrect wagering:

  • /try took the weapon and made a couple of shots, thereby hitting the target [Unsuccessful]
  • /try took the weapon and fired the shot, thus hitting the target [Failed]
  • / try took out his ID card from his pocket

Team /todo

/todo [text of speech*action] - playing an action performed simultaneously with the speech. Used in the same way as the /me command.
Rules of wagering: the first part (text of speech) is played with a capital letter, then the second part (action) it is played with a small letter identical to /me.

Example of wagering:

  • /todo Welcome!* holding out your hand to the person opposite.
Example of incorrect wagering:

  • /todo Greetings*extended a hand to the person opposite
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