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Players nickname
Suspect ID
Date of violation
Jun 30, 2021
Time of violation


May 8, 2021
Our family were having a gunfight with a nearby family (an OOC conflict which leads to a gunfight, this issue has been resolved) but suddenly there was a third party (Regroup) came out of nowhere shooting us from the hill without any raid going on and they didn't even make a proper IC reason to shoot us, they've just heard a gunshot around our family house then they came to shoot us while we were not having any interaction before. They shot us from the hill to gain the benefit of us in the lower ground and begun the raid once they have knocked all our family members. They also kill me when I am unconscious. The reason I am reporting them is that they make an unfair play, we were not ready and we had just finished a gunfight, some of us were having low HP and some didn't even have a gun yet. If they want to raid us why don't they start it properly? Why do they have to DM'ed us and then do the raid? Even if they want to raid us while we were standing & guarding the family house they're supposed to make a Roleplay event with us first before jumping into a gunfight and do the raid after (Example: Giving our family a chance to retreat or else they will open fired and do the raid or giving us a demand before rushing into our family's door and click the raid button). But they didn't, this is very unfair! They've killed us and we can't join the raid to defend our family house. I demand justice for our poor family.

Unfortunately, my video can't see their ID number I can only see their family name. So please refund our family balance and punish their family for DM'ed us.
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Kenny Vis

OG King of the Forum
May 7, 2021
Upon reviewing the evidence, I have decided to Deny this report.
  • Insufficient Evidence as I cannot see any IDs
  • It was hard to match up in kill logs which doesn't leave me confident enough to accept this.
If you get more POV repost this report
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