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Joshh Longg

Mar 29, 2023
1. Your name IRL: Josh
2. Your age: 18
3. Time zone: City time
4. Average online per day: 4-5 hours week days 10-15 week ends
5. Your Discord: josh_longg_
6. Your Nickname: Josh Longggg
7. Your ID: 220665

Additional information

1. Leader of Lifeinvader

2. Why do you want to be a leader of this specific organization? (List three reasons with explanation)

2.1. I want to be leader of life invader because i have previously been apart of lifeinvader in there news team and had a great time. I think that the relationship that lifeinvader has with both legal and illegal orgs are really important for the org as it can give a good reputation.

2.2. I also want to be leader of lifeinvader because i am very creative and believe that i can get a good team together for all departments such as ADs, News and Events. I want to do this because i believe that it will make the relationship with everyone in the org very good and strong.

2.3. I also want to be leader because i think it is really important that the whole city to know what is going on in the city and all the latest news as well as getting there ADs out quickly and making sure that there is always something to do.

3. Your advices for improving RolePlay level in organization.

3.1. My advices would be to make sure that there is always HCs active and are very reliable and responsible for there departments and how things are run in those departments.

3.2. I will make sure that we are getting events done so everyone in the city is happy and has something to do at all times. As well as making sure that everyone is having fun at the events and there is no problems.

3.3. I will also make sure that there is always someone on ADs and there is never a lack off ADs being posted, i will make sure that prices for ADs are not to expensive so that everyone can afford to put out ADs and is never let down by the ADs that get put out.

3.4. I will make sure that we have a great news team that is always going around to find the latest news that needs to be shared and make sure that we can get the news uploaded quickly so everyone is up to date.

My ranking system:

30. Chief Executive Officer
29. Chief Operating Officer
28. Head Director
27. Director of Department
26. Deputy Director of Department
25. Manager
24. Assistant Manager
23. Senior Supervisor Editor
22. Supervisor
21. Journalist
=====Junior HCs======
20. Senior 3
19. Senior 2
18. Senior 1
17. Reporter
16. Editor 3
15. Editor 2
14. Editor 1
13. FreeLancer
12. News Assistant
11. Junior
10. Junior Editor 3
9. Junior Editor 2
8. Junior Editor 1
7. Intern
6. Ads Intern
5. News Intern
4. Events intern
3. Trainee
2. LOA
1. Suspended

Thank you for looking and reading my application
Josh Longggg
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