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Escobar Shakespeare

Oct 14, 2022
-Your name IRLHusnain Asif
-Your age - 20
-Time zone - UTC-4/GMT-5.
-Average online per day - 6 to 8+ Hours
-Your Discord -SPARKY KANE#8956
-Your Nickname - Escobar Shakespeare
-Your ID - 226617
-Additional information

-Leader of Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

-Why do you want to be a leader of this specific organization? (List Three reasons with explanation)

I began my journey in EMS over two years ago, starting at rank 1 and steadily advancing to the position of High Command through dedication and hard work. However, as my tenure in EMS came to an end at the conclusion of the second term, I decided to explore other organizations. I applied the same level of commitment and effort to various roles within different organizations, ultimately attaining the rank of Chief of Staff in SAHP. As of now, I have accumulated over four months of experience in EMS and have gained invaluable insights and expertise in leadership roles across multiple organizations.
2:EMS serves as the backbone of the city, ensuring that everyone receives proper healthcare. It is essential that at events, law enforcement officers are not given preferential treatment with stim shots. Additionally, having a competent High Command team significantly increases the likelihood of a successful term. A strong High Command team stands ready to support every leader, amplifying their effectiveness.

3:Finally, I believe leadership suits me well due to my extensive tenure in EMS, where I've garnered significant experience by closely observing past leadership terms. With a wealth of patience, adept handling of people and situations, I've assisted numerous newcomers in navigating their path to success while effectively managing diverse challenges. Fostering unity and diversity among colleagues, we operate as a cohesive team, always supporting one another. Ultimately, I aim to fortify the foundation of our city's EMS with my unwavering commitment and full potential.

- Your advice for improving the RolePlay level in the organization.

Ensuring the safety of our valued employees from harassment is imperative. This ongoing issue must cease, as our personnel should not endure such treatment while fulfilling their duties. To address this, I propose implementing FIB/LSPD Protection in all lobbies, assigning at least one officer for added security.

2:Effective communication is paramount. It is essential to maintain constant contact between all organizations and prioritize attendance at adrenaline logs, with as many High Command members present as possible.

3:Regular health check-ups for each department are crucial, scheduled at least twice a week per organization. By prioritizing their well-being, we ensure they are prepared to support us when needed.

4:Conducting unanticipated inspections on employees regarding illegal goods is vital to uphold EMS integrity and steer clear of corruption. These measures will keep EMS on the right path.

5:To boost employee morale and prevent monotony, various events will be organized to keep them engaged and motivated.

6:I will ensure that the EMS lobbies remain active round the clock with EMS employees and are never vacant.

Devaster Singh

If nothing goes right, go left.
Server Administrator
Mar 3, 2023

DM me on Discord to set interview time.​
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