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Recent content by TimReyli

  1. TimReyli

    Rejected Nepravilno donesena odluka | Spooky Zookey

  2. TimReyli

    Approved Impersonating | 9379, boteo

    Ko ti je ovog puta rekao da reportas mina ili hamzica
  3. TimReyli

    Approved Last Chance Appeal

  4. TimReyli

    Approved Last Chance Appeal

  5. TimReyli

    Approved Last Chance Appeal

    it says im banned ?
  6. TimReyli

    Rejected Appeal for last chance

    Respect Mazhor, I got banned 60 days ago because of pc check, that ban passed, I just tried to enter but I have a ban from ban avade, I used to ban avade 2 days after the ban for pc check and it lasted maybe a day and a half , I was a retard, I admit, I just want to continue playing because rs...
  7. TimReyli

    Rejected Unban Appeal | Andelko Pluxury

    Dear Mazhor, Please think again about my last chance. I would like to play on the best RAGEMP Project again. The reason I am writing these requests is both of us know that this is the best and most interesting project with the best communtiy. I don't think I made such a huge problem with the...
  8. TimReyli

    Rejected BA | Zampa Company

    nije lepo sprdati banovane ljude dominice :ROFLMAO:
  9. TimReyli

    Rejected BA | Zampa Company

    dobar signature :)))
  10. TimReyli

    Rejected BA | Zampa Company

    Hamza IGL
  11. TimReyli

    Rejected Unban Appeal

    Dear Mazhor, I apologize if I did anything wrong ... I don't want to go on any other project because grand is the best and I want to continue playing on this server with my best friends again. I want to ask you for one last chance <3 If I can't get total unban at least please social club unban...
  12. TimReyli

    Approved Bug Abuse | 161

    Cry more about random event pls
  13. TimReyli

    Approved rdm 9984

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