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Alicia Rodriguez

Disbander of the FIB.
May 8, 2021

Press Release #7
26th May 2021

As the Federal Investigation Bureau works to keep the city safe on a regular basis, they aim to strengthen their ties with other state agencies, such as the Los Santos Police Department, where they also collaborate while responding to ammunition store thefts and 24-hour store robberies. As a result, the Federal Investigation Bureau agreed to host a Hostage Training for the Los Santos Police Department during the week of May 15, 2021. There were also some eventful events for the entire department to enjoy this week.

FIB Hostage Training with LSPD:

This teaching proved to be a huge success. According to the image to the side, others are wearing black and the rest are wearing FIB jackets. The FIB jacketed individuals are the improvised suspects, with one person in black being used as a hostage. The overarching plan for the men in black was to safely collect the hostages without causing them any more harm. Since FIB had more negotiating skills, they took the lead talks for the first time, allowing LSPD to observe and hear more about the right way to negotiate and how to do so nearly every time.

The LSPD seemed intrigued by the training techniques and came to enjoy this training and seemed to also, improve in the field. The FIB will continue to host these pieces of training with the LSPD and all the other State Organizations because these techniques will come in handy for future situations that occur.

FIB New Agent of the Week:
Director Alicia Rodriguez and Deputy Director Koko Reyes devised an employee of the week system on the 15th of May 2021, in which one person earns a $100,000 bonus to their weekly compensation for their outstanding performance inside the department. Daniel Hollow was named Agent of the Month this week.

has been a solid reliable Agent since joining. Has never had any issues and shows true leadership. He has taken lead in 3 raids for squads and is leading a task force. Agent Hollow is responsible and trusted for hostage situations and polices other agents’ poor behavior. Agent Daniel Hollow is quiet and does not cause trouble but is funny and builds a great team spirit. Documentation is always on point and recently received further responsibilities without question.

Because this was FIB's first award for Agent of the Week, a number of agents were recognized for their great performance. For their great achievement within the department, these additional nominees will earn a $25,000 bonus.

The others who were nominated:

Agent Name: Joey Yeager
Why they are nominated: Agent Joey on joining the fib has been engaged active and responsible. His documentation for case files is second to none. He provides evidence for all cars he ever searches and always has a description etc. He has started to have more responsibility such as hostage negotiations and leadership and has led by example. True Agent of the organization.

Agent Name: Ousmane Escobar
Why they are nominated: Since joining the organization this Agent has excelled in the area of investigation. He has shown drive and initiative in finding cases and has never had an issue with arresting members of his own family. Even though he young, he has shown maturity above other agents. Every criticism he has received he has acted on it and I am truly impressed with his loyalty and drive. He documents what he finds and always keeps the High Command in the loop prior to acting on anything.

Agent Name: Christopher Rhodes
Why they are nominated: Agent has consistently shown initiative drive and motivation. Agent Rhodes has recently become a field instructor and trainer however was completing this task for a long time before official. The agent is reliable and trustworthy and makes fair decisions. Agent documentation is on point and he is also leading squads. Due to the drive shown agent has begun questioning and statement taking leading up to further investigations that require more tact without issue. Agent actively creates and assists in procedure documentation for the department.

FIB First Promotional Ceremony:
On Sunday, May 23rd, 2021, Christopher Rhodes, the Head of Communications, conducted a Promotional Ceremony for the Federal Investigation Bureau. This event was held to indicate that all of the FIB agents are valued and that the ones who ought to be looked at more are those who have been doing well and deserve to be promoted.


Two highly accomplished and dedicated individuals received substantial promotions. Joey Yeager and Ina Gonzalez, two individuals who have shown great drive and have worked for the FIB for a few years and continue to exhibit their hard work ethic and deserve the position of supervisor, have shown great drive and have worked for the FIB for a few years and continue to exhibit their hard work ethic and deserve the position of supervisor. These two employees deserved this promotion. They will now be given greater tasks to help the department.


Other Promotions:
All of these promotions include agents who are completely devoted to the FIB, and they are all well-deserved. These advancements will open up more options for you inside the department. The FIB is interested to see where it will lead them in the future and looks forward to their continued strong work ethic.

Special Agent II

Ethan Shaw
Trey Tesfaye
Luca London
Mattie ICE
Tomas Blackrock

Special Agent I
Dani Versace
Artur Smith
Moe Smith
Xavier William
Taki Chan
David Barnes
Jordan Grim
Rick James
Hermes Iaac
Mathew Akmedov
Samuel Barnes
George Barnes

Sincerely Yours,

FIB Head of Communications,
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