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Rejected PD/SD Shoot first with no cause. Powergaming.

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Players nickname
Niko Perminof
Suspect ID
ID: 22487 & 16656
Date of violation
May 26, 2021
Time of violation


May 12, 2021
I just logged into the city 15 minutes prior to the incident. I was flying my tier 3 plane, for the illegal cargo job.
As I completed my landing, and the 10 second timer was commencing ( to unload cargo ); two PD/SD officers run around the corner and instantly start shooting at the cockpit. I was killed instantly without being told to turn my engine off, or step out of the vehicle. There was no RP in the situation at all, and I was completely compliant my engine was even off.
I was pretty upset that I didn't record myself being killed in the cockpit.. but I started downloading body cam software and recorded after the arrest where I get the lead officer to admit what they both did "wasn't right." " We should have not killed you in the hangar". The officer in the clip then goes on to say because other people flying planes do "sneaky things" to get out of being arrested they have to shoot to kill to get an arrest.. before communicating.
I repeat in the clip "for smuggling cocaine?" ( this is a non violent crime, you should be rping for an arrest before you open fire in this situation. )
I stayed completely calm, and polite as you can see in the clip.. even though the entire situation seemed entirely unfair.
I was sentenced to 60 minutes in prison.

The screenshot is both of the officers standing over my body, in a hangar. ( before I downloaded the software)
The video clip is the officer admitting what they did was not correct.

Clip of admission:
Not open for further replies.
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