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May 12, 2021
Name: Majin Erectus [7150]
Gender: Male
Date of birth: unknown
Nationality: unknown
Place of birth: unknown
Residence: Paleto Bay, San Andreas, USA
Parents: unknown
Height/weight: 195cm / 90kg
Body type: Fit and lean
Eye colour: Blue
Hair colour: Jet black

Majin Erectus was found as a baby on the side of a street in London and was immediately taken to an orphanage. Due to this his origin is a mystery, one which intrigues all those around him. As a child he got into many fights, which attracted the attention of local gangsters. These gangsters took it upon themselves to raise him on the streets as a thug who had no fear. They would regularly send him alone into enemy gang territories to fight and kill and would only praise if he came back bathed in their enemies blood. As a result of this Majin became very efficient in hand to hand combat, and once he had become a teenager started to use weapons to slaughter whoever his elders aimed him towards.

As the years went by Majin became increasingly delusional, being constantly surrounded by bloodshed. As a coping mechanism he began to create different personalities in his mind, each personality serving a purpose. His most notable personalities are; SPECTOR - a brawler that would rather die than yield in a fight, JONATHAN - a kind hearted soul that cares for his friends and family, SKULL - a vigilante that would protect the weak and helpless, SALVADOR - a gun enthusiast that loves to collect weapons, NOIR - a violent psychopath that kills for fun.

After almost 20 years of serving his gang, Majin had reached a point in his life where he wanted something more. Finally getting bored of the life he was living, he spoke to his superiors about wanting to travel the world and experience new things. This enraged his superiors, who felt as if Majin was betraying them by leaving after they had raised him as their own. Of course, the only way this could end would be in needless violence, with Majin having killed every member of his gang with his bare hands under his NOIR personality. Having realised what he had done, Majin created a completely new identity and ran to the United States.

Once he arrived in the United States, Majin began his life as a new man. At first he was unsure of what to do as all he had known in his life was bloodshed. So being the smart person he is Majin decided to join the National Guard, his logic being he could carry on doing what he did best but without facing the repercussions of the law. Whilst in the NG, Majin's exceptional combat skills were noticed by his superiors and he was asked to join the SASD (Special Forces Division). During this time Majin became close with those around him and started to care for his new family. After spending his days with them he decided that he would do anything for his new family, even if it meant dying for them. This made Majin even more dangerous than ever, as for once in his life he had a purpose that nobody would stop him from achieving; helping his family be the best they could be.

Still being on the run for his past life Majin knew he would have to keep a low profile, especially when his more erratic personalities would come out.

1) Has no fear, will fight up to 3 people at once if provoked, even at gunpoint will still use his fists as SPECTOR
2) Can pick up weapon and armour from the floor to add to SALVADOR's collection
3) Can break the law to protect his family and friends as JONATHAN
4) If a situation arises when he's not in uniform. he will respond as SKULL to help the NG/other state organisations
5) Can carry 2 NG weapons and vests at all times as he is Special Forces and is required to respond to situations quickly
6) Can kill gang members on sight as NOIR
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Sam Pluxury

Deputy Chief Administrator
Deputy Chief Administrator
May 7, 2021
BIO disabled as this person is not in NG anymore
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