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Papi Gordo

May 12, 2021
Name: Papi Gordo (1039)
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Date of birth: 03/02/1993
Nationality: Spaniard/European
Place of Birth. Islas Canaries, Spain
Residence: USA, Los Santos City, San Andreas
Parents: Father: Papa Gordo
Mother: Mama Gordo
Height and weight: 6"0 215lbs
Body Type: Fit and muscly
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Black
Facial hair: Rough beard
Tattoos: None
Citizenship: American / Spanish
Personality: Playful, always willing to help new people from city, and show a good time. On duty : Hard cop who plays no games and takes no shit.
Hobbies: Shooting, Driving, Golf, Casino and visiting the Vanilla unicorn
Knowledge of languages: English, Spanish

Papi Gordo was born in the small island of Islas Canarias to, Mama Gordo and Papa Gordo Spain's deadliest criminals. The Gordo family although small and hidden was one of the most feared families in Spain, as they had the government, the police force, the lottery and even the army under there corruption and payroll. During his time in Spain, Papi was forced to start learning weapon and tactic skills at a young age. His father would put him to the test at such a young age and make him fight 3 grown men at once to build endurance. His father gifted him his first gun a "Revolver" since he knew his son loved watching a show about a sheriff on TV. Papi knew one day when he would find his way out of the life of his family he would swear to protect the people like the "Sheriff" as he saw what the corruption his family was doing to the people of Spain. Luckily for Papi that time came sooner then later, one of the family members notified the "Gordo's" the Spain government would be planning a take back and killing all of the Gordos. With no time to spare Papi got into a private jet with his 2 other brothers, trying to convince his mom and dad to join as well they decided to stay in there home country and face the fight.

Upon arriving to the city of Los Santos, Papi felt lost and out of place. Being one of the biggest, richest families in all of the country meant absolutely nothing in this new foreign country. It was until he saw the "Sheriff" logo plastered on a dirty old and beat white crown vic. At the moment Papi knew what his destiny would be, he quickly signed up and got approved to join SAHP, San Andreas Finest Sheriffs! Papis skill would show in training as he was way ahead of any of the other trainees or deputies, allowing him to rocket up the ranks of the department. Being smart and observant Papi began to learn the ways of other departments when watching them set up so that he may learn all the tactics he needs to maybe one day lead the department himself. Lucky for him that day came a lot sooner then later, when the current acting Sheriff was fired and released from duty for corruption which allowed him the chance to take over as the head Sheriff.

Papi Gordo wants to be San Andreas toughest sheriff, he cares solely about his brotherhood within the department and cares for all his deputies. Papi does whats right in his best judgement and makes sure to not break any laws, and will help to show people how to do the same. Papi is trained in keeping calm and collective, and talking while using communication skills which allow him to deal with gang members and criminals during negotiation times. Being sharp, smart and vigilante He also wants to make sure his department never has a bad image or bad egg in it.

Outcomes :
1) Being Able to fight 3 people at once, given the combat skills gained from his time training in SAHP and training by his family
2) Can use revolver on duty since his dad gifted him that as his first gun and his idol has been being a "Sheriff"
3) Can use his negotiation and talking skills, to diffuse most of the hostile situations during robberies or hostage situations.
4) In extreme emergency situations where Papi runs out of ammo, he can pickup a weapon and ammo and use it to carry the fight and save people's lives
5) When glasses are on his face, Papis glasses can record everything happening, When off he relys on his bodycam to record
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Sam Pluxury

Deputy Chief Administrator
Deputy Chief Administrator
May 7, 2021
BIO disabled as this person is not in SAHP anymore
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