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May 9, 2021
Name: Marlon Rhodes [5169]
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Date of birth: 04/05/1998
Nationality: Swedish and Ukrainian
Place of Birth: Gothenburg, Sweden
Residence: Integrity Apartment Complex, Alta Street, Los Santos
Father: Ivan Melnyk
Mother: Ellison Svensson
Weight (KG): 74
Height (CM): 190
Body Type: Slim Muscular
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Brownish Black
Facial hair: Slightly Scruffy overall Neat Beard
Tattoos: 1 Back Tattoo, 1 Arm Tattoo on Each, 1 Leg Tattoo on Each
Citizenship: America & Sweden
Personality: Shy, Wholehearted most times, Youthful at times, Aggressive depending on the situation, Kind as much as possible
Hobbies: Fashion, workaholic, music lover
Knowledge of languages: English and Swedish, partial Ukrainian

Marlon Baker was born on May 4th, 1998, in Gothenburg, Sweden, of a standard-income family. He was always close with his family, and since he was a kid, all he had wanted to do was help people, and that was something that he had always believed in and always tried to do by showing acts of kindness. His motivation and intentions were based on a quote, "Part of being a person is about helping others." He had always followed his selection to the letter and tried to be the best version of himself. Marlon was always patient when it came to anything so, in his free time after school, he always went to soup kitchens or anywhere he can help the homeless are participate in helping others. Marlon graduated from Östra Reals Upper Secondary School, accepted and received a ¾ scholarship to the University of Gothenberg, and going to school for a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice. Marlon had chosen Criminal Justice because he knew that he wanted to be somewhere involved in the front lines and save as many lives as possible. Marlon began school in 2015, and he had gone through it like a breeze, his grades very high in the class, averaging a "VG" GPA. In his third year, since he found school to be very easy for him, he decided that he will need some knowledge to calm people and make sure they are staying safe as best as possible so, he had applied and gone into the psychology program. That's where he seemed to average straight A's due to his patience and calm personality. He had always stayed relaxed. Marlon had experienced a friend of his that was suicidal, and he was able to help them with these beautiful tools.

In the one year he had done, Marlon decided that he wouldn't continue for a dual major and would choose to take the test for receiving a minor degree once he finished up his second year. Just off this one year, Marlon figured out he had decided that he had made the right choice and wanted to become an agent within the Swedish Security Service. This was when Marlon knew that he was meant to be helping people, being a loving and kind person at all times. Once finally finishing his 4-year term in Criminal Justice, it was time for Marlon to graduate. He had a "VG" GPA for all four years and was the Valedictorian of the University of Gothenberg's 2019 batch. He had also received an award for an act of service, conducting about 200 hours per year for service hours, volunteering at nursing homes, participating in soup kitchens, and volunteering at children's outreach programs. Once graduating with his Bachelor's, he still had one more year with his minor. So, he applied for his master's in Criminal Justice again at the University of Gothenburg but, he had then heard of a beautiful city called Los Santos. It was a newer city to start. It was still in America, so it wasn't a new country. He thought this was a new place to start over and knew that this was the way for him to go. So, two days after finding out about this out he had a meeting with Gothenburg University's Dean, and he became known that he can take online classes for the last year of his minor in psychology. This was because he is ahead of most of the other students, excelling in the class. So, Marlon decided to move to Los Santos, Little Seoul, Metro Los Santos. He was ready to be a fully-fledged citizen of Los Santos. It was a year, and Marlon was getting settled, meeting new people. He finished school with a Minor in psychology, excelling again top of his class and very advanced. Marlon had come to know Federal Investigation Bureau applications for the academy weren't opening anytime soon. So, he decided to go to Los Santos University to get his master's in Criminal Justice mid-way through his last year for his Minor in Psychology.

Marlon's end goal was to join the Federal Investigation Bureau, but the applications and academy were closed when he looked, but he was determined to find work. While he waited for FIB recruitment to open, Marlon knew he needed something in this free time, so he decided to put the money into legal weapon training with pistols and heavy weaponry. It was very productive and worth his time during the wait for becoming FIB. He committed these in an open ground outdoor shooting range so. He could use Sniper Rifles, Light Machine Guns, Assault Rifles, Shotguns, and Pistols. A month or two in his journey of attempting to collect certification with all these weapons, he received an award for all weapon certifications. This meant he could approve Carry and Conceal to carry pistols and possess an assault rifle under his car seat or within his locked trunk when it is parked in a safe and secure environment. Marlon was highly ready to join the FIB. He had done intent studying the FIB handbook for the academy and reviewing what the FTPs consist of. He did all this because he's striving to do well gave him the mentality of never giving up. It took two years to receive his master's, and during this time, he was getting his weapon certifications. Close around the time Marlon has almost completed his master's, recruitment for the FIB had opened back up. A few months later, Marlon finished his master's, and he just took this time to wait for FIB applications to be reviewed and responded to. He was ready. He put a lot of work into his shooting and close combat while he did weapon training with and without a weapon in possession of his person. Marlon was ready to work hard and showing his acts of kindness as best as possible. It was a month later that Marlon's application was accepted. He was called in for the academy to complete his physical test and go through basic training and standard shooting tests (SQT). He ended the physical examination not having a problem and completing the SQT with flying colors especially possessing the certifications of all weapons.

Following that, he passed the academy and ultimately entering the department. Within the FIB, Marlon had advanced to the rank of Agent in Training from Academy Student. Marlon tried very hard, but he also learned that the justice system was very crooked, and the only way to get by was to try what worked best for him. Marlon's drive for greatness has seen him rise through the ranks, but he has been known to use excessive force on several offenders, mainly when he is surrounded. He will participate in any shootouts even though he only has a few people on his side, and he will fight back against rival gangs and the FIB. He recognizes that the justice system is flawed, so he will do everything in his power to ensure that the offenders are punished harshly. Apply pressure on gang members, lock them up for long periods, and take their weapons as soon as possible, keeping them for himself and giving them to his criminal associates he'd met all over the world, the ones he trusts and who are very close to him. He wouldn't want to sell them on the market because he wants to keep a low profile to avoid drawing attention to himself. Instead, he would send them to someone loyal to him for free. Marlon is willing to put his life in the front line of danger over anyone else's when going against others of Los Santos as a FIB member. When going up against other Los Santos FIB members, Marlon is ready to put his life on the line before someone else's.

Marlon is self-conscious about himself, but he doesn't want others to believe he's the best guy, even though he enjoys assisting others and has previously performed well in the academy and received high grades. As a result, he'll reduce the number of people who hear about his experience, and he'll change his lies so that people see him as just another ordinary citizen. Marlon can support people in whatever manner he can, but whether his mates are criminals or not, he can assist them at no cost to himself. However, if they need assistance, he could have to risk his life, career, and welfare to protect his close friends, relatives, and the safety of others. Often, he will have to commit several offenses and murders as part of his undercover work. He is willing to commit these crimes at all costs, never to blow his cover, but he is also helpful to risk his career as an Agent to gather as much information as possible to bring these entities down.

1. He would lie and keep himself and others protected by keeping his past secret at all times.
2. Marlon will put his life on the line for his dearest friends and family, as well as the defense of those who can't or won't protect themselves. This will imply that he would have to take part in complicated and precarious circumstances to rescue people and avoid the offenders who are the source of all of these dangerous situations.
3. As necessary, he may be corrupt and bend laws to cater to his nearest and most trusted family members and associates. He'd even make sure his cover wasn't blown while he was undercover. Marlon will not use these corrupt methods and rule violations for financial gain, and the impractical way must be kept as hidden as possible, so it should be unthinkable for him to do so.
4. The use of FIB weapons to be used off duty for personal use. (Will not to be used for any events)
5. Participate in 1 v 3 in any close combat situation based on the advanced training he was given before and after the academy he knows how to handle himself in such situations.

Sam Pluxury

Deputy Chief Administrator
Deputy Chief Administrator
May 7, 2021
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