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Interesting Instructions for depositing a game account

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Technical Administrator
Apr 28, 2021

Hi there,

You get a Grand Coins* for topping up your account. You can buy in-game items with Grand Coins. (Items, money and ect.**)

* Instruction on how to buy Grand Coins:
- Go to our website (www.gta5grand.com) and click the "Donate" button.
- Choose your server.
- Choose a payment system
*** that is convenient for you.
- Enter your ID and amount. To find out your ID, click here.
- After payment, go into the game, go to the donation section and click "Check Payment".

* Important: If the payment was made through the Kinguin service - you will receive an email with a code. You have to enter the code in the donations section - "Enter a coupon".

* What should I do if Grand Coins are not credited?
- Create a thread in the technical section (click here). Be sure to include all payment information.


* Grand Coin is a currency that can only be obtained by making a donation.
** Full list of items - click.
*** Note that each payment system has its own commission.
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