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Maybe Wolf Santos

I get the bag and flip it and tumble it
May 8, 2021
Name: Maybe Santos
Gender: Male
Age: 28
DOB: 02/6/1993
Nationality: American , Great Great Grandparents came from South America .
Sex: Straight
Place of Birth: Los Angeles, Ca. USA
Residence: Los Santos, Multiple homes. Secret.
Parents: Trebek Santos(Father), Jackie Santos (Mother)
Height: 6'3
Weight: 190lb
Body Type: Athletic
Eye Colour: Black
Hair Colour: Black

Motto - “To protect the sheep you gotta catch the wolf, and it takes a wolf to catch a wolf.”

Maybe Santos was born in Los Angeles and at the age of 6 his father Trebek was killed in a gang altercation. Maybes family has been caught in the gang life generation after generation pledging allegiance to MS-13.

Maybe had shot his first gun at 10, smoked weed at 12 and at the age of 15 was hitting store robberies two to three times a week. As Maybe began to grow up, the gang became to see what an asset Maybe could be, not only was he street smart, he was book smart.

Maybes ability to blend, grasp and analyze any given situation and scenario proved to be beneficial to the gang leaders. Maybe knew deep inside there was something that set him apart from everyone around him, regardless he committed to helping but never pledged his allegiance to the gang, he had bigger plans. No matter how big and much of LA they ran, Maybe had dreams of becoming someone, somewhere different, he had his eyes set on Los Santos.

At 18 Maybe finished High-school, got accepted into ULSA with a full ride scholarship, and with the little money he had from selling drugs and illegal weapons he was able to buy two flight tickets to Los Santos and obtain a rental in “the ghetto” for a month.

On his arrival, maybe and his mother were greeted by a couple low level gang members who had followed them from LA to LS. They had the intention to drag Santos back to LA and work for the gang, In a moment of their distraction, Jackie, Maybes mom grabbed a gun out of her back holster. The gang member standing to her left caught this from the corner of his eye, spun right and pulled the trigger. Maybes mom fell to the floor and as the thud reached maybes ears, his world broke.

From this day on Maybe swore to get revenge.
He promised his mother he would do everything in his power to bring justice. He changed his degree to pursue a masters degree in criminology and swore to hit the streets, where it matters.

During his studies Santos kept his ear to the streets, began to understand the culture of LS as it was mirrored to that of LA. What angered Santos the most was all the fake gangster roaming around LS without an official code of honor. Santos comes from a background where honor among thieves was the pillar of the community and it seems LS was the exact opposite in this regard.

After graduated, at 23 Santos joined the academy and has worked his way up to PO-2 thus far. He clearly understands the mentality of the law-breakers that he is battling, and uses this insight as justification for his behavior. He won’t take an insult, won’t be disrespected and will put someone in their place when it needs to happen. His raw survival instincts, fast-paced charismatic wit and formidable impulsive actions have granted him friends and enemies on all sides. He has been described as a Tough and effective officer, valued for his fluency in Spanish and his knowledge of L.A.'s gangs and L.S’ gangs. He has become respected among some members and leaders.

Years after serving in PD and being in the city, Maybe has created his own family and established roots. His street and book smarts opened a way for his family to turn into a real estate business. As an investor he continues with his contacts in the city and has a close ear to everything happening on the streets.

Outcomes -

Questionable tactics in fighting the criminal element, whether that means intimidating the "animals" with a revolver, or “roughing them up” with his fists, while he favors the legal justice, street justice is his guilty pleasure, he understands hurting pride and ego hurts more than jail time and a fine. He clearly understands the mentality of the law-breakers that he is battling, and uses this insight as justification for his behavior

Gang leaders know he will never take a bribe, he is loyal to his cause and his side. When any bribe is offered from a low level gang member or civilian , officer Santos takes the bribe and books them for everything he can. He is more than happy to take criminal or petty money off the street and put it to positive use. It’s not about having more money for him, it’s about having someone think they can spend money and buy themselves out of consequences only to still go to jail. This is another guilty pleasure.

Santos wears FIB issued smart glasses to record everything he is doing. When he’s consulting has a live feed going to FIB and when he’s not he makes sure to triple back up his recordings.

Santos wears a mask when on duty, due to his past and the degree he holds, FIB has hired Santos several times as a consultant and given the exposure to the gangs and his on going “friendships”, Santos wears a mask for his protection while on duty. This is to maintain a serration between his LSPD work and the extra work he takes on the side as a consultant. He refuses to join FIB as he believes they are corrupt beyond measure and wishes to stay with his PD brothers and sisters.

Santos may keep his neck tattoos. The Right “western” tattoo represents where he came from and what he represents. the left tattoo is the spider which was given to him undercover to represent wisdom, cunning, and the middle neck tattoo is his LS tattoo he got as a commitment his wife,, the city. While These tattoos having meaning in themselves, they were a necessity to get santos closer to the gangs in the city and be of use to the FIB

Santos has the ability to pick guns and drugs off the street and sale them himself or thru a connection at the black market as instructed by FIB during his consultant work. This business is his family, a cover up he has been using to keep himself close to the ground and streets but not close enough to where he would be color affiliated. His family members are all on his side playing their part until this all comes crashing down or gangs are eliminated for good.

Santos created a family with both LEOS and CRIMINALS. Both criminals and Leo’s are on the same page, get rid of the gangs in our city.
Santos is able to do family events without repercussion ic or ooc as this is to keep up as family head and not blow his consultation gig with the FIB. The Los Santos Maniakz need to show presence and activity otherwise the gangs begin to question them and their loyalty to their cause, taking over the city. While LSMZ is here to help the city, Santos will have to do one store robbery a week, one family raid a week and one home robbery a week to keep active as there is a close eye is kept by the gangs given the trust the family has been given to exchange business with them.
If caught, Santos profile will be viewed and family will serve time to keep face however LEOS records will be cleaned and no action will be taken against Santos and lsmz Leo’s as long as the once per week is kept. ( 1 family raid, 1 robbery , 1 store robbery)

Santod has the ability to go to DOC for family members and assist them in getting their time lowered via yard work and other programs the city offers. Santos understands they are their to complete their mission and helps in what he can. While he will not show direct favoritism, he will assist in pulling favors with the connections he has.

Santos has the ability to be rough on criminals. He comes from the streets and is decorated to clean up the streets and has grown tired of playing mr nice guy.

Due to Santos background with gangs, guns and training he has the ability to fight 3v1 situations where he has an advantage.

Santos may search any individual as a Cop without warning. Part of his rough nature and he justifies it so. He does not care about much procedures, he does them to keep his captain happy but he cares about getting more about getting the illegal weapons off the streets. People are dying daily, in his eyes, he rather make one persons rights feel “violated “
rather than have another person mourn their mother’s death because a trigger happy skittle took it to far.

Santos may carry a vest with him at all times and be on call to show up on scene given that he is not always in uniform given his consultant job with the FIB. Santos may use personal weapons on the scene of a crime however if pursuit is taken Santos will go into nearest cruiser as to not charge the city for his vehicle damage.

Santos will never steal from the armory or the city as he has sworn to protect his side at all cost. He is careful to log everything and return everything but his best, he keeps his vest on his person at all times.
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Melvin Lacoste

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May 9, 2021
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