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May 8, 2021

Mathers Family

Mathers Family was started in 1962 by Nick Delvinchi Mathers and his close friend Jim Wesson. During those times Nick was a notorious hitman and businessman along-side him was his Under Boss Jim Wesson. Jim Wesson was an event planner from throwing parties, to races, and neighborhood gatherings with people from all over the city. They made millions and grew to a well organized size of men. Taking over small businesses and loaning out money and extorting them when they weren’t paid. The family was filled with "wise-guys".

These ways continued for years growing into legal organizations and having great friend-ships with: Politicians, Governors, Police Officers, Army Soldiers, FBI Agents and of course other criminal families. Unfortunately, Nick Mathers, passes away and leaves his reign onto his son Brendan Mathers.

Brendan takes over the family as the Boss and moves the family from Little Italy, New York taking them to Vinewood Hills in Los Santos. This is where Brendan grows his friend-ship with Jim Wesson until his passing. Brendan finds his loss hard on him and meets a man who he finds out to be his half brother Kelson Mathers. Brendan instantly knew what this meant for him, growth of the family and someone who he can actually trust to run the family along side him. And so it began…

Brendan Mathers and his new Underboss began looking for legal jobs to help grow their capitol and meet new friends. They landed successful careers along the government. Making their way to top positions in organizations infiltrating the police infrastructure , joining the FIB, making their own personal connections with governors. Then realizing they needed growth and so they opened multiple businesses. From running real estate, car washes, loan companies, clubs, underground race events, underground casinos and much much more.

The two of them knew they would need more people, growing their friend-ships in the city and having close family work with them, die with them, ride with them. Helped create a bond like no other, mob mentality and mob like tendencies. The Mathers Family works in unique ways and doesn’t consider themselves a gang, but businessmen seeking every opportunity that they can take.

Mathers family works extremely hard at their jobs, friendships, loyalty, trust, dedication and most importantly hustling for every money scheme they can get their hands on. The Mathers family is not an easy family to get into; rather a difficult task. First, you have to work for them doing errands like cleaning the businesses, showing dedication, loyalty and trust with the family before you can take an oath to The Mathers Family. Once you take an oath to the family you become a Made man. When you are Made you now have full family protection and you are untouchable.

Although, you start as Made you work for a Caporegime who specifies your tasks and how you are going to be making a living in the city. When you take on an oath even if it makes your stomach turn from the task given you must do it; otherwise, severe consequences happen to the individual.

But, it usually never comes down to that, everyone who is in the Mathers Family and takes an oath knows the rules and doesn't want to pay severe consequences. Once a Mathers you're always a Mathers and if you deem to flea, well then the city will see them no longer per oath. The Mathers Family works like a legal business store front and unless you are extremely close to them and earn respect; you’d only have assumptions of what they did. They are extremely well organized and only use professionals in the business when it comes to real estate, contract killing, extorting, car heists, drugs, etc.

Every Mathers Family member also is expected to follow an extreme dress guideline. Making sure to look professional at all times as they are not street thugs, they are merely businessmen who are seeking business opportunities at any level or extent; whether; legal or illegal dealings. The Mathers family is solely based on giving legal job opportunities and chances to those in need in the city. By providing them a way to wash cars, work in a loan business, casino staff (underground), and much more with the family. They become an employee of the Mathers Family before ever being considered to be in the Mathers Family and a Made man.

Mathers Family Structure
  • Boss - The boss is the leader of the family, usually reigning as a dictator, sometimes better known as the Don or "Godfather". The boss receives a cut from all operations. Operations are taken on by every member in the family and the regions of occupying families.
  • Underboss - The underboss, appointed by the boss, is the second in command of the family. The underboss often runs the day to day responsibilities of the family and overseas its most lucrative rackets (money operations). The underboss usually gets a percentage of the family's income from the boss's cut. The underboss is usually the first in line to become acting boss if the boss is imprisoned, and also frequently seen as a logical, well organized, successor.
  • Bookmaker - The bookmaker is responsible for making sure that the family is getting all of its money from out sourced loans, operations, or businesses that we have, reporting it to the Underboss or Boss directly.
  • Adviser - The adviser or otherwise known as the Consigliere, to the family is seen as the boss's "right-hand man". He is used as a mediator of disputes and often acts as a representative or aide for the family in meetings with other families, rival gangs, rival criminal organizations, and of course; businesses associates. The consigliere or adviser is typically the third highest ranking member; however, book-makers and advisers share the same level of respect in rank. An adviser would carry the utmost respect for the family, being a senior member. Would be deeply familiar with all of the inner workings of the organizations. A boss will often appoint a trusted close friend or personal adviser as his official consigliere.
  • Caporegime - A caporegime or captain is in charge of a crew, a group of soldiers who report directly to him. Each crew usually contains 5-10 soldiers and many more associates. A capo is appointed by the boss and reports to him or the underboss. A captain gives a percentage of his earnings to the boss and is also responsible for any tasks assigned, including and not limited to Murder. If a capo becomes powerful enough, he can sometimes wield more power than his superiors in rare cases, allowing him to bypass mafia structure and lead the family if the Boss dies.
  • Hitman - Takes on all designated family contracted hits, paid or unpaid. But only approved by the Boss or Underboss.
  • Enforcer - The enforcer would ensure that all family members are in line. That no one is out of the ordinary and if someone needs to be taken care of the enforcer would partake in those events. The enforcer is one of the highest ranks and is always there for operations to ensure everything is working smoothly and by the books.
  • Body Guard - A Body Guard risks his life to ensure that all family members are safe. Oftentimes one of the best shooters in the family and can ensure safety for all family members.
  • Soldier - A soldier is a member of the family. Once a member is made he becomes untouchable, meaning permission from a soldier's boss must be given before murdered. A soldier is one of the first ranks after being made into the family and shows true dedication and willing to do anything for the family. Soldiers are the main workers of the family, usually committing crimes like assaults', murder, extortion, intimidation, etc. In return, they are given profitable rackets to run by their superiors and have full access to their families connections and power.
  • Made - Made is a member of the family and untouchable, meaning permission from a Mades boss must be given before murdered. Made members are one of the front line members of the family dealing with crimes, legal work, extortion, intimidation, murder, etc. They are working to get into an operation that fits them as a soldier. Or they rather stay as Made Members and do dealings on their own, but report profits to the boss and give partial earnings.​
  • Associate / Errand Boy - An associate or Errand Boy is not a member of the Mathers Family, but works for a crime/legal family nonetheless. Associates can include a wide range of people who work for them. They can have a wide range of duties. And is typically considered the errand boy of the family. They have to prove themselves to the Made family members. Doing anything the members say in order to show that they are loyal.

Mathers Family Business Structure
  • CEO - In charge of the entire company and the founder. The CEO makes sure all business operations are running smoothly and efficiently. Is in charge of hiring the lead staff, ensuring all business requirements are met and all employees are overall satisfied.​
  • Vice President - Second in command of the business making sure that all operations are running smoothly. The Vice President makes sure that the Bookkeeper, Manager and Supervising staff are properly doing their jobs and appropriately treating all staff. The Vice President has a right to hire, fire, promote and demote.​
  • Bookkeeper - The Bookkeeper keeps tabs on all business treasury. The Bookkeeper makes sure that all expenses and business issues are paid for properly. The Bookkeeper keeps a very good eye and track of all expenses of the business and all the money that goes in or out of the business: Bookkeeper, logs.​
  • Manager - The overall boss of the employees and the Supervisors problem solver. Any issues among-st the business the Manager deals with from Hiring, Firing, Demoting, Promoting, internal issues with employees or clients, the Manager deals with.​
  • Supervisor - The Supervisor deals with all employee related issues and when it comes to a client issue that he/she can’t resolve he would then process it with a Manager or Higher. A Supervisor is there to make sure that all business needs are met and production from the Employees goes flawlessly.​
  • Employee - An employee works for the business doing the tasks needed to make a paycheck.​
  • Trainee - Learning how to become an employee within the company.​

Mathers Family Rules
  1. What happens inside the Mathers Family must stay among-st the family members.​
  2. Every member of the Family must follow the chain of command.​
  3. Absolutely under no circumstance are any Mathers Family Members allowed to do random civilian/gang killings.​
  4. Each member must respect all people inside and outside of the family.​
  5. If you leave the family without Boss approval you’ll be hunted down and forced to do a character kill. (( Deletion of Character))​
  6. You take an oath to Mathers that you’ll always have our back here. Failure to that oath will result in severe punishments.​
  7. If you leave you are required to perform a character kill.​
  8. Don’t ever talk back to anyone who is Made and or an above rank.​
  9. All killings need to be approved by the Boss.​
  10. No robbing or taking people's clothes. We’re wise-guys not fashion police or petty thugs.​
  11. If you have an order to do something, you must listen to the order.​
  12. Failure to follow the rules will result in punishments that may be up to a character kill.​
  13. By being in my family you agree to all the rules and if you get kicked out from the family you will be character killed unless the Boss says otherwise and approves removal with no character kill.​
  14. Rules may change as the Boss or Underboss see fit for the Family​
  15. Character only applies to the family and dealings, not working in the business as you have not taken an oath.​

Mathers Family Roster

Brendan Mathers

Kelson Mathers

Phil McCrackin

Ryan Gusto

Tessi Mathers
Martin Mathers
Michael Skeptic


Michael Mathers

Body Guard
Austin Williams



** Please note this is a occ thread about my family/organization. In order to meet with us or me proposed to join as an employee you will need to wait until I release a hiring thread; however, for now everything is dealt through In Character dealings. I don't believe in meta-game or out of character contact. Hope everyone understands. Thank you for reading! **


Salvador Reyes
May 29, 2021
Looks like you put a lot of effort into this. Can't wait to see more. Maybe one day our paths will cross in the city. Good luck bro!


May 8, 2021
Looks like you put a lot of effort into this. Can't wait to see more. Maybe one day our paths will cross in the city. Good luck bro!
Thank you and yeah I believe if you want to do something right then do it yourself. So, I really put a lot of effort and my time into this and appreciate your kind words of wisdom.

Pablo Ali

May 10, 2021
Thank you and yeah I believe if you want to do something right then do it yourself. So, I really put a lot of effort and my time into this and appreciate your kind words of wisdom.
Are you same brendan mathers from a different city
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