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Approved 6.2, Aiding in evading police by camping log out spot | ID 5737, 5636, 5647

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Players nickname
Mendez Ackerman
Suspect ID
Date of violation
Jun 1, 2021
Time of violation


May 8, 2021
I had initiated a search for Mendez and managed to catch up to them while they were on the move using the PDA's tracking function for wanted individuals. I managed to catch up to them completely at the beach after passing them in Vinewood hills. I wasn't certain who it was, so I briefly made contact at the gym on the beach with the car I thought was the individual. When I looked at the car's information, I was wrong however I deduced that the second car might have Mendez if those cars were correct. When I ran another search and caught up to them again, I was almost certain at this point that the blue Mazda either was Mendez in a family car or had Mendez inside.

The Mazda pulled over beside an LSPD officer to chat, so I pulled up and ordered both individuals out for identification. I checked the Mazda's info and found that the owner, ID 5647 Slimz Ackerman, shared the last name of Mendez and deduced that Mendez was most likely the passenger. After viewing the driver's passport, I was even more certain but instead of being able to confirm this, ID 5737 combat logged after I heard through ID 5647's mic someone saying to just drive off. I took this to be the passenger, who logged shortly after the driver ignored their request.

I started to clip the first video for this report and hopped back in game to find the blue Mazda hanging around where 5737 logged out. I made my presence known and they drove away. They continued to do circles around the block looking for me while the black BMW, driven by ID 5636 (suspected to be Roco Rice) who was following, them pulled up and waited in it's stead. I attempted to wait around the corner to catch 5737 but failed as I didn't see them spawn in before they got to the BMW. I rammed their car in an attempt to stall it so I could force them out of the vehicle, but it failed and a short chase began. Due to the oppressively poor handling of FIB cars, I was unable to keep up despite catching up to them on straight away's.

I am unsure what rule (if there is one specifically) for what ID's 5636 and 5647 were attempting, and thus successfully did, hence the title.
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Arwid Lee

May 7, 2021
Upon reviewing the evidence, I have decided to Accept this report
  • ID 5737 will receive a punishment for breaking "General rules 6.2"
  • ID 5737 or "Mendez Ackerman" left the game as they were being asked for ID by the FIB agent looking for them.
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