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tommy smalls

May 27, 2021
Name: Tommy Smalls
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Nationality: English
Place of Birth: Brighton (South east)
Residence: USA, Los Santos City, San Andreas
Dad: Billy Hall (adopted Father)
Mum: Sarah Smith (adopted Mother)
Height and weight: 6'0 / 210
Body Type: tall chubby
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: brown
Facial hair: Full Beard
Citizenship: America (6years)
Personality Happy straight talking,
Hobbies: Fighting, rugby,

Tommy (unknown) grew up in England by the coast, Tommy didn't really have a childhood he was bullied and abused by family and friends, he was always the yes man, whatever he was told to do he did, not because he wanted to, its to make it less painful. Tommy always carried around a toy unicorn as his sister died and it's the only thing his scummy parents kept

When he was about 11years old, someone finally called the police and ambulance to save his life, they only knew he was in danger because he was picking off the black paint that was on his bedroom window.

Tommy was taking into care where he lived until 16 in those 5 years he learnt how to stand up for himself. As his new dad Billy Hall was a pro boxer, Tommy loved this new life, he got into training and started learning how to use his fist. This also helped with tommys mental health as when he got angry he could go into a ring and let loose. When he was getting to made Billy would pass Tommy the unicorn as it was a sign to calm down and relax its all okay. Every sunday Tommy and Billy would do activities around shooting such as paint balling, airsoft hunting, archery

Tommy's new Mum Sarah Hall (Smith) (before marriage name) was a part of the ambulance crew who saved Tommy all those years ago, and she thought the courts to have Tommy as her son, her and Billy couldnt have kids. Sarah paid for Tommy to have a decent education so he could learn the basics of life. She also enrolled him in the ST johns ambulance volunteering program so Tommy could get a career when he is older if he wanted to.

Aged 17 Tommy asked the Halls if he could change his last night from Tommy Doe to Tommy Smalls, as it blends in both of the names of Sarah and Billy. So he can be a part of them but also be his own man.

Aged 18 Tommy moved over from England to LS to escape his demons and have a new life, we flying over he worked at the pillbox hospital as a cleaner, well he studied to become a DR, he only managed to do a few years as he didn't like the abuse he was getting due the scars on this face.

One morning he was taking a hike around the mountains in Paleto and noticed a sign “WE NEED YOU” . Do you want a life of fighting crime, come join the best police academy in LS. We will train you to; use your mind, soul, feelings.

Tommy then went on and applied to become a cadet with SAHP he learnt the true power of a gun, how to handle a firearm, but learnt from day one, your voice is the most powerful weapon, after a vast amount of training. Tommy worked up the ranks, used his training to become a high ranking officer.
Major Tommy Smalls.

Tommy can get stressed easily when people don't comply with basic commands
Tommy will whip out his unicorn when worried or upset
Tommy can defend himself in a 3vs1due to sahp training adopted fathers hobbie
Tommy doesn't like bent people with find a solution to remove from his company
Tommy attaches onto people to make him feel loved
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