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Rejected Evangelia Papakosta (street name Eva DeJefes)

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Eva DeJefes

SAHP Officer | NG Veteran | ex Slaughter Cartel
May 8, 2021
Name: Evangelia Papakosta (ID:2486)
Street Name: Eva DeJefes
Gender: female
Age: 27
DOB: 14/01/1994
Nationality: Greek
Place of Birth: Kefalonia, Greece
Residence: Los Santos, San Andreas, USA
Parents: Leonidas Papakosta, Athena Kaliotaki
Height: 166cm
Weight: 76kilos
Body Type: Fit, Muscular, Thicc, Agile, Healthy.
Eye Colour: Light brown
Hair Colour: Dark Brown (Naturally)
Other Defining Features: Greek nose
Status: Married to DeAndre DuMont (Jefe DeJefes )
Tattoos: Right leg covered, Left leg partially covered, chest tattoo, back tattoo, right arm partialy full, left arm partialy covered.
Hobbies: Building constraction sites, fishing with comrades, Buying Big Boi Diamonds, Painting, music, gym, hunting


Eva lived in a small island village, and most kids her age were males. So she always use to hang out with dem boys playing football, basketball, riding around with bikes and play fighting. She didnt have any close friends and her parents were always working and didnt really have any emotional connection with her, unlike her older brother. She was always the black sheep of her family. She wasnt very bright at school and always managed to get herself in trouble. Because of the lack of any real connections with anyone, she grew up having faith in herself and trust her own power and intelligence. She was fast on her feet and came up with solutions to problems that appeared before her.

--Teen Years--
Even though Eva's grades in school werent the best, she realized that she was very talented in arts and she could also pick up different skillsets very easily, if they seemed interesting enough to her. Eva spent all her free time practicing her painting skills and also taking part in many different athletic activities like gymnastics, tennis, basketball, swimming and javelin. When she started realising school isnt gonna work out for her she started taking part in art tutoring classes so she can enlist herself in an Art University. And she did just that. It was the first time she did amazing in a classroom enviroment and she was liked by all of her teachers cause she always knew what she had to do before the teacher finished explaining themselves. She had a lot of questions but only needed an explanation once. When she graduated she got offered an scholarship to Los Santos Art University.


After she moved to Los Santos a plethora of new possibilities unraveled before her. She always loved trying new things out and she slowly lost interest in the academic side of arts. She loved going around the streets exploring and admiring all the graffiti around Los Santos. Eva started picking up the different techniques and styles, so she started practicing herself. After some time she started sneaking into very tall buildings and painting very big murals that everyone could admire from far away.
During one of those late night painting sessions, she got jumped by some security guards and as she was trying to get away she lost her balance and fell down from 2 stories high. Hearing the commossion some Estonians living near by rushed to help her and hid her away to protect her from the guards. From the fall Eva broke 2 of her ribs and her left ankle. During her recovery and after she started hanging out a lot with the Estonians that saved her. Their names were Pete , Papa, James, Vadim and Bobby. As she started to know them better she realized that they were all part of the National Guard based in Fort Zancudo.
After Eva spent some time exploring the city she decided to try and get enlisted in the army as well. She always liked following commands and acting as part of a group. A little while after she joined she started climbing up the ranks and outranking officers that have been there way longer than her. She was quick to follow orders, she was a fast learner and she played by the rules. When she had to act under preasure she became very tactical and trusted her instincts. She was always quick to find a solution and she became very diplomatic, resolving any situation between soldiers and officers in other Orgs. After getting second in command under Papa Valerie for a full month she learned to deal with bigger problems inside and outside of NG and became very good at handling any weapon that came her way. She was very resourceful in any occassion and very helpful to all lower rank non commission officers and her fellow officers.

Before General Papa's retirement, he offered her his position as the next General of National Guard. She never liked being the leader of any team but after some thought she agreed to taking on all the responsibility that that offer carried.
After she became the General she was actively listening to her soldiers concerns and ideas they had to impove NG as a whole and their defences. NG started taking part in more inter-organisational events and activities. On top of that National Guard numbers started multiplying, and their presence became more prominent.
She tried her best to keep a neutral stand at any hostilities in between other Orgs. Meanwhile being fair to the rest of her soldiers and showing her appriciation to the ones that excelled in leadership and combat abilities. Most of the soldiers felt like they were part of a family and everyone did everything to protect each other even if that meant putting themselves at risk. Even though she had to keep herself safe as a General in many occasions she would be in the front lines trying to protect her troops.
While serving in NG she met DeAndre DuMont her current husband. He was outstanding at every NG mission and could take lead whenever it was needed. At times she noticed that he would bend the rules to protect and help other people in NG or their Family that both of them were a part of. She did everything in her power to cover up for him and she would give her life to protect him.

--Post NG--

After retiring from serving the National Guard Eva focushed on helping her family out more (Vj Capital) and spending more time with her hasband. Unwiring and relaxing after being the General for so long. She also started collecting luxury cars and practice drug racing and drifting.



  1. Due to her quick thinking, resoursefulness and exesive firearms training she can pick up weapons from the floor whenever her life depends on it.
  2. Due to her expirience in NG she can pick up any illigal weapons from the floor whenever her life is not at risk to return them as evidence to LSPD SAHP or FIB HQ.
  3. Due to her being a Honored NG Veteran she has a permenant bodycam on her brodcasting live to Fort Zancudo military network.
  4. I would risk my life even if its 1v3 to protect my husband
  5. I would risk my life even if its 1v3 to protect the members of her family (Vj Capital)
  6. Eva is absolutely loyal to her husband and will not provide evidence or testimony against him, and will invoke spousal privilege should it ever occur.
  7. When Eva sees someone being attacked or harassed on the streets by gang members she is quick to jump in and try to prottect them.
  8. When seeing someone she cares about being taken hostage she will attempt to free them by any means necessary when suitable. (Except finishing them)
  9. If Eva gets hershelf in a hostage situation she will pay close attetion to any details and her surroundings. And WILL make a run for it whenever she finds the opportunity.
  10. If Eva is in a car (with running engines) she will not stop when other ppl are trying to rob her and she will try to out race them for 3 min. if she can't lose them in under 3 minutes she will follow their command and get out of the car as they requested.
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Sam Pluxury

Deputy Chief Administrator
Deputy Chief Administrator
May 7, 2021
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