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Joey Yeager - 208
May 8, 2021
Name: Joey Yeager
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Race: White
Nationality: American
Date of birth: 06/22/2000
Place of Birth: Virginia, US
Father: Matt Yeager
Mother: Stephanie Yeager
Weight: 155
Height: 5’10”
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Brownish Black
Hair type: Buzzcut/short fade
Facial hair: None
Tattoos: 3 body, one hand, two arm for now.
Favorite color: Red
Strengths: Smart, problem solver, good shooting, and learns from mistakes.
Weakness: Impatient, lazy, and ignorant.
Joey Yeager was born in Virginia at 5:03 am on June 22, 2000. He lived in Virginia for 5 years until his parents in 2005 created a patent for the electric car and sold it to a private company for a lot of money. With that money Matt Yeager and Stephanie Yeager moved to Los Santos and bought a house in the rich part of Vinewood. As a child, Joey went to a private school from elementary through high school for kids of rich parents and just had an ordinary rich childhood. In his teenage years he got a monthly allowance that he would spend on anything that was dumb enough for his money and was a spoiled little brat. His parents would tell him to get a job to get experience with money he earned but he did not listen as a teen would usually do. Once he turned 18, it all changed for him, his parents kicked him out because they were tired of his bullshit and they realized it would be best for him to take on the world without his parents. Joey Yeager, who is very inexperienced, is looking to explore the city for experience in the real world and to work to make money. He is very motivated to get money, learn, and a great job that supplies both. Joey wants to have a promising future to give himself to enjoy as well and will do everything in his power to supply that. Does not matter if Joey finds the law, the streets, or a nice job, he will be going for experience that will come with money and hopefully a better future either illegally or legally. As long as it has money involved he is in and motivated to work hard. Joey started off living in the ghetto on the west side. He was one of the OG 5 that built Vagos from the ground up but quickly had to leave the west side of the ghetto. Joey eventually left and rented a cheap home near Bloods HQ living off small paychecks, always hearing shots ring off blocks near his house. He would always hang around his house and meet the people in the block and multiple blood members. Joey met some friends in a gang just east of Bloods HQ called “Marabunta Grande.” He went on to help lead the gang for 4 months after leaving when everyone else joined another gang called “The Ballas Gang.” Shortly after that Joey left to join another group called, “The Families. Very shortly after joining the Families he got deported for 2 years. After Joey got deported he quit the life of crime to become a sheriff and then transferred to FIB to become an agent serving under Alicia Rodriguez. He has been in thousands of situations including parties, shootouts, and wild FIB operations. Joey has made money and gotten a nice apartment with two cars. He has done work inside FIB and has been apart of fun memories around the city with friends. Joey now tries to search for more than what he has. Because of this, he has turned corrupt for self greed.

  1. Can take on people 3 to 1 in combat due to heavy experience/training through FIB/SAHP.
  2. Does not show fear when there are 2 or less guns aimed at him because he used to live in the ghetto and is used to guns being aimed and waved around.
  3. Has biasness towards Bloods due to the fact he has friends there and chilled around their HQ from the start of owning a house near that block. Due to that, he will help them out in any way he can without being caught doing so.
  4. Can wear the color red when he wants to because his favorite color is red.
  5. Can do anything illegal/legal that benefits himself financially. (Would only do if there is a small chance of being caught)
  6. Can go to the ghetto due to the past of being in 4 gangs in the city and knowing the ghetto in and out.
  7. Has bought high tech equipment to benefit him so he has a body cam that can record 24/7 and constantly upload the last 4 mins to the cloud.
  8. Can help people out that need help around the city.
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Sam Pluxury

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Deputy Chief Administrator
May 7, 2021
OUTCOME point 1 has limited to 1v2 instead of 1v3
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