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IMPORTANT Guidelines on how to post an advertisement

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Scorcher TheThird

Ex-leader LifeInvader
May 10, 2021
Dear citizens of Los Santos,
With the surge of people in the city, we have noticed an increase in unclear, vague and just poorly structured advertisements which unfortunately, we have to reject due to multiple reasons, including sheer lack of information, advertising illegal product(s), vaguely written ad and many more. Hence, the team at LifeInvader has come up with some general guidelines to keep in mind while posting an advertisement.

1) Real estate advertisements
- Please correctly specify the category of the real estate (house/apartment/mansion).
- Please provide number of garage spaces and the location of the property.
- It is preferable to give the house/apartment/mansion number.
- It is preferable to provide other features like swimming pools, tennis courts, helipad etc.

2) Automotive advertisements
- Please put your vehicle brand and model in double quotes. For example, "BMW M3 G80"
- Please specify any upgrades to the engine/transmission/brakes/suspension of the vehicle.
- Please specify other details like whether the vehicle has insurance/turbo kit/drift kit/any visual upgrades etc.

3) Business advertisements
- Please correctly put your business name and number. For example, Store 24/7 Number 13, Plantation Number 9 etc.
- Please specify what you're trying to promote in your business or if you're offering a discount, mention that.

4) Work related advertisements
- If you're looking for work, please specify the job title.
- If you're hiring people, please specify job title and the location.

5) "Looking for" advertisements
- If you're looking for a specific person, please provide us with the full name.
- Looking for a god/admin or a high ranking government official is strictly prohibited.

6) General guidelines
- Please correctly mention whether you're selling or buying.
- Please use correct grammar and punctuation while drafting an advertisement.
- Please either mention a firm price or negotiable in selling or buying advertisements. Range in prices are not allowed.
- Please correctly write low, medium, high or max quality instead of level 1, 2, 3 and 4 (respect RP).
- Preferably put only 1 item in one advertisement.
- Businesses are requested to get in touch with us so that we can help in the creation of an advertisement that satisfies both of our needs.
- For sim-card ads, use XXX-X-XXX format to type in the number.
- Please do not type your ad in all caps, it only takes more time to edit.
- We strictly cannot publish any ad containing any mention of a family/ethnic group/race etc.
- We strictly cannot publish an advertisement containing illegal product(s)/racist and inappropriate behavior.
- We reserve the right to blacklist any person from 1 to 7 days depending upon the severity of the language used in the advertisement.
- Spam ads will be rejected even if multiple people post it within a short interval.
- Please keep the tone of the advertisement neutral.

We hope these guidelines will be more than enough for the citizens to post an ad in the correct format with minimal chances of rejection. Please bear in mind that at the end of the day, we have to interpret the advertisements so it is better to be precise and concise. That'll only enable us to correctly process your ad in a timely fashion.
Thank you for cooperating with us!

Scorcher Sparks
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