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Peaches McDoogleflugen

May 7, 2021
Name: Peaches McDoogleflugen
Gender: female
Age: 39
DOB: 3/29/1982
Nationality: American
Sexuality: Straight
Place Of Birth: Tennesse
Parents: Martha McDoogleflugen, Aksel McDoogleflugen (Deceased)
Height: 5’8”
Weight: average
Bodytype: Athletic
Eye Color: blue/hazel
Hair Color: Brown

Peaches is a good hearted country girl who moved to the city for the first time with aspirations to get a career in the medical field. She was born and raised in rural Tennessee. She grew up in a poor yet happy home. Her family farm was nothing special but provided everything she needed. After graduating high school she spent her time taking care of her ailing grandmother until she died and then her father. Now that her work at home is done Peaches is ready to start living for herself and pursue her dream of becoming a doctor. Though she is generally kind and helpful to all she meets she is not use living in a city filled with such violence. She struggles with the lifestyle change. After being assaulted in a clothing store a rage grew within her. She was raised in a home that believed “an eye for an eye” so Peaches finds ways to defend herself. A fire burns in her to teach a lesson to those who unjustly hurt others - particularly women. Today peaches lives conflicted between a life of wanting to help others and getting vengeance on those who have wronged her. Thankfully she is good at multitasking.

-Peaches will grind to work her way up in the healthcare field. She has knowledge of first aid from being a caretaker for her family for 20 years.
-Peaches will carry weapons and enact vigilante justice to those who harm her and her female friends. Having been raised in the country she knows how to use them.
-Peaches will remain a kind hearted person despite the vigilante aspect because she sees it as an act of tough love and is at peace with it.
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