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    Before making complaint with a prefix for curator of the project please read these rules.
    1. Make complaint only in case if you already posted for high admins and they did not help you.
    2. Complaints for curator of the project ONLY for management level complaints. You can't appeal your warning or 7 days ban. You can appeal only permanent or long-term bans.

    Thank you for attention! (c) Mazhor Pluxury

IMPORTANT Rules for filing complaints against administrators and Assistants / Section Rules

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Technical Administrator
Apr 28, 2021
Rules for filing a complaint:
  • The topic should be designed strictly according to the form;
  • The topic title should briefly describe the essence of the problem and the nickname of the administrator who issued the penalty (otherwise, the checking administrator has the right to refuse to consider the complaint).

Example#1: Demorgan for DM| Crazy Moore

Example#2: Warn for SK| Mazhor Pluxury

Example#3: Ban for Cheats| Bublik Carrizo

  • Spam with the same type of topics is prohibited;
  • It is forbidden to insult anyone and provoke insults;
  • The screenshot should be uploaded to imgur.com, yapx.ru or imgbb.com / The video should be uploaded to youtube.com;
  • An overabundance of BB codes in the topic is prohibited.
Typing in thread if you are not related to situation is strictly forbidden. It will lead to forum account ban

The administrator has the right to refuse to consider the complaint if:

  • The complaint is not in the form of a complaint;
  • Evidence is cropped or edited;
  • Evidence uploaded to other sources;
  • Missing screenshot of the penalty issue;
  • It has been more than 2 days since the issuance of the penalty (there are exceptions);
  • The complaint contains insults, impertinence or inadequacy;
  • The complaint is filed by a person who is not related to the situation.
  • The complaint has to be filed in the correct order
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