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Rejected Dave Weeden | FIB (Repost approved bio from discord.)



May 11, 2021
Name: Dave Weeden(1560)
Gender: Male
Date of birth:06/15/1986
Nationality: American
Place of Birth. U.S.A
Residence: Los Santos City, San Andreas
Parents: Father: Bob Weedin, Mother: Anita Joint
Height and weight: 200 lbs.
Body Type: Masculine
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Brown

Dave Weeden grew up traveling for most of his life since his dad was an army man so they moved all around the United States and even around the world to different army bases. Once he turned 18 he decided to follow in his dads foot steps and joined the army right after graduation and began boot camp immediately. After completing boot camp he was sent to Afghanistan on his first tour he spent 4 years there searching for and fighting terrorist. In toughs 4 years he was able to prove himself and was promoted to a specialist for his combat tactics and leadership qualities. After his first four years he decided to reenlist for 8 years leading his own squad in multiple countries fighting any terrorist organization that threatened the U.S.A by doing recon and search and destroy missions on terrorist organizations leaders and key members. During his time in the middle east he had started smoking hashish and it had become a habit of Dave's to unwind and help him to sleep after stressful days. During the years of fighting and eventually losing some of his closest friends one after another he decided to retire and try to take a safer job and enjoy life. For a while after retiring, he joined a private security force and was a personal body guard for hire. He enjoyed the easy work and quiet life style for a few years before he decided he wanted to do more and took a chance to move to Los Santos and Apply to be an FIB agent. With all of his training and experience he was quickly hired and rose through the ranks quickly helping take down criminal organizations that threatened the peace of the city. In his pursuit to protect others and himself Dave would stop at nothing to take out any threats. During his time doing undercover work he had become addicted to narcotics and has since kept a small habit of doing cocaine and marijuana to deal with both his addiction and stress from work.

1.He can use FIB equipment to protect himself and others while off duty and also pick up and use illegal weapons if he runs out of ammo or loses his gun and needs to continue to protect himself and others.
2.He can use Drugs to feed his addiction.
3.If he believes some one is a real threat to himself or one of his friends or colleagues he may decide to kill them.
4.If he has a tactical advantage of cover and armor he may take a 3v1 fight after calling in backup if he believes he can survive.
5. Would go beyond legal means to get what he wants.

Nova Grey

May 7, 2021
i am rejecting this as you are no longer in FIB, please make a new one.
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