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May 28, 2021
1. Your name IRL - Kayleigh
2. Your age - 33
3. Time zone - PST
4. Average online per day - 5+ hours
5. Your Discord - Kaybear#9956
6. Your Nickname - Kayleigh Dejigalo
7. Your ID - 10625

Additional information

1. Leader of FIB
2. Why do you want to be a leader of this specific organization?

I've already been a two-term leader of this org nearly a year ago to date. I am the one who constructed the ranks every FIB uses today. I am the one who chose the cars most commonly used by the FIB to date. I am the one who created each FIB department and decided how they would operate. I am the one who ran fluffy fingers out of this city when he was running a corrupt government. I, am innovative and adventurous mind to effect great change and improvements upon the things I involve myself with. You will not find someone better suited for this job, period, no matter how hard you look.

I'm applying because you wont find anyone better.

3. Your advice for improving the RolePlay level in the organization.

My advice is to put me in charge and give me a curator named Richard Dejigalo, because I can work closely with him and we have a longstanding history. Whatever him and I put our heads together, we can make it happen as admin and player. Improvements to RP wont come about just by a leader deciding. It takes cooperation from the curators.

One thing Alex Odd always told me and James Pluxury always told me during my past terms of leadership was how important RP REASON was. If you really want to know how to improve roleplay, it would be teaching every member what RP REASON is and how its used to do your job as an LEO.

The goals that I would like to achieve
-Raid every gang
-Root out any LEO corruption
-Improve the system I created so long ago and finish the work I intended to do previously, thus creating a stronger LEO side of the server.

That is all.

Monty West

Oct 16, 2021
Since joining fib way back when, I've always heard rumours and great things about kayleighs terms. Can't wait to see how true these comments are. +1 from me

Sergio Bozo

Life is a race so be racist !!
Jul 25, 2021
Kayleigh is one of the most experienced person I have ever seen in this city. Also has all the skills that a leader must hold. She also has a good knowledge about all the city rules also has ability to handle intense situations so a big vouch.
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