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May 31, 2021
Name: VevZ Baklol
Gender: Male
Age: 18
DOB 12/09/1996
Sexual Orientation : Straight
Martial Status: Single
Place of Birth: San Diego, CA
Height 5'9" (6'2") on the internet
weight: 155
Eye Color: Blue
Hair color: Black

VevZ Baklol was born in San Diego, CA to two immigrant parents. He grew up with one brother and 2 half sisters, so i guess one whole sister... anyways Denzel grew up pretty decently, parents werent rich but they werent poor either. Lived in the suburbs his whole life, played soccer since he was 4 and grew up fascinated by cars and motorsports. Really all stemmed from playing Grand Turismo at a young age and it took off from there. Growing up Denzel was id say an average student. Solid GPA in high school 3.1 nothing too special, wasnt the most popular person but had a good amount of friends and people that knew him, he eventually got into HARD drugs aka weed. Stop playing soccer his junior year of high school and come senior year was hardly ever at school. Eventually Denzel gets arrested with 5 of his friends for basically being in the wrong place wrong time and was charged with possession of marijuana. They were juveniles charges of course were dropped in exchange for community service BUT if you know anything about immigrant parents, smoking weed is the same as injecting heroin. Denzel eventually makes it to UCLA but his dad lets him know he we will be kept on a tight leash and if he messes up once he will not pay for his school. So Denzel makes the rational decision of joining the Marine Corps for free schooling. Denzel becomes a F35C mechanic. While in the Corps he his introduced to LSD. He loves it. Learns about the silkroad and eventually buys a large amount of bitcoin to buy LSD whenever he runs out. Well he gets caught one day. Hes given the boot from the Marine Corps. Now suddenly hes out and he has no Idea what to do with his life. only 22 basically homeless. 2 years later he remembers. He had bitcoin. A lot of them.. well you know the rest
-Good at driving.. like really good.
-Was a Marine so familiar with weapons and weapons handling
- Wasn't a combat vet so not into the whole killing people thing but will if he feels its the only option
-Good mechanical and tech skills
-Extremely knowledgeable about cars
-Due to his accidental but successful investment into bitcoin he has money, plenty of it but not the most responsible
- Chill dude who just goes with the flow
-Book smart but necessarily "street" smart.
- Social but not exactly extroverted

Sam Pluxury

Deputy Chief Administrator
Deputy Chief Administrator
May 7, 2021
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