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Jul 8, 2021

1. Your name IRL
: Amr
2. Your age: 22
3. Time zone: GMT+2

4. Average online per day: 4-6 hours
5. Your Discord: Mr White#7777
6. Your Nickname: White West
7. Your ID:

Additional Informations
1. Leader of FIB.
2. Why do you want to be a leader of this specific organization? (List three reasons with explanation)

First reason

Since I joined this city I was interested to work on the legal side so I decided to join the SAHP I enjoyed it and I spent a full month there, I liked how were the legal orgs working together in the events and globals and it was leaded by the FIB most times if it’s not all times, I was excited to be part of this org because I was watching them doing most work and holding the most sensitive cases in the city so I said why shouldn’t I give it a try and go through this awesome experience and I did it then I got accepted in the FIB went through applications, interview, trainings and finally I started taking the ladder of promotions step by step, I was trying to be creative and different (( working smarter and harder )) I exerted all my effort to gain knowledge about everything happens around me by asking questions to my high commands and their opinion, having a solid communication with the governor and the department of justice as I was an undercover agent I made sure to gain all the necessary information that would help me to work smarter and add more to the undercover department and guess what !! I did it and this helped us in building a full system for the undercover department which helped us to build casefiles in a shorter time, get all the required investigations done, catch corrupted law enforcement officers through legal orgs, set up more undercover stings, going on undercover patrols to watch the streets and scouting the highways from bandits. I kept the work till I got promoted to HOD of the UC during Mike West’s term from this moment I started building communication with my curators and sharing my thoughts with them “” OOC”” to improve the role play quality I made sure to Summarize my experience in different handbooks and I am happy to watch people after me using them and using the training program that I built and I am wishing all of them good luck with that and it was an honor to work with many different directors started from Kayleigh continued with Mike West, Hank, Dean, Monty and the 2 Last terms with Hank again as a 00 agent, learning from their mistakes, achievements and helping them to achieve more outcomes.

Second reason

I want to make the FIB a better place by making every single agent fit for being the leader or High command in the future by creating a healthy community where we can share work and responsibilities.

Third reason

Doing some improvements in all departments in the FIB and making sure that every department is achieving the required targets by putting everyone in his/her right position.

3. Your advices for improving RolePlay level in the organization.

* Make sure that everyone is aware of the server rules and the state legislation.

* Maintaining the proper number of agents around the day by hiring people from different time zones so we can respond to all events and get all situations done effectively.

* We will conduct a questionnaire for all agents in the org which will be done by the HR team to have a background about everyone's problems and conduct a simple test to confirm that everyone is reading the daily announcements and the server rules updates which will help us to prevent many problems before it happens.


May 31, 2022
He is a good leader, a good manager, a team man and a hardworking personality with ambition. I'm in the NG, SASD commander. The guy who taught me SASD. I believe he will be a good leader for FIB.
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