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Players nickname
Suspect ID
7322, 83, 1802,10481
Date of violation
Jun 6, 2021
Time of violation


May 13, 2021
Hey guys,
I want to make a complaint about players with the ID 7322, ID 83, ID 1802, 10481.
This is my first complaint ever, normally I don’t do something like that but in this case it is necessary. I submitted an ad that I would like to buy a The North Face jacket, so ID 7322 called me. His intention was to lure me somewhere because he saw my name on the ad and obviously knew my who I was.

When I arrived at the hotel a Bloods member was standing there with his weapon out in a GZ. Then it started, you can see what happened in the video

For me it was literally harassment. I, as a female who is alone, didn’t know what to do in that moment and couldn’t really answer them because of the language barrier. Thank god we were in a GZ so they couldn’t do anything else to me. I don’t think it‘s ok to intimidate a woman in that way, try to scare her with weapons at the beginning which was also obviously intended, and keep going on with everything they said for 12 mins straight. I was scared and I didn’t know how to act, I wanted to contact Itachi from their family cuz I thought he could help me out of the situation but he wasn’t online. So I only had to hope they would leave and do nothing else.

I personally have no problem with the Saudis but they are coming after me over and over again.

ID 83 and others harassed me already, got in my car, didn't leave for minutes and tried to lure me to the ghetto. But I kept being nice to him, unfortunately I dont have an evidence for this.

ID 7322, ID 83 came to me when I had a conversation with Andre Eclipse and Evo Eclipse on Discord. They installed wheel clamps on my car. I said in the family chat ''They pranked us'' because I really thought that but that wasn't their intention obviously, they were just messing around bc they are toxic! I was not wanted, they had no reason to install wheel clamps, especially when I was afk for a bit!! I'm in a legal organization and I'm definitely not doing illegal things. The FIB left the place because there was shooting but I still waited for them to ask if there is a problem, after I realized I can't drive my car anymore. It wasn't actually a prank. I'm so sorry that there is no sound in the third video. But you can still see what's going on.

The guys who harass me over and over again are very toxic and they are doing it because of their ooc conflict with opium. Their toxicity is really making the server not fun and it ruins our experience in here!!! What are they expecting a woman, should do in a situation like this, do I really have to be scared that toxic Saudis cross my way, troll and harass me so often even though I didn't do anything to them??!! I never had a bad conversation with the Saudis, so why me?! They have to be very toxic if they feel powerful after treating a woman, who is alone, like that!!! This is not ok and not acceptable.

Fidayin Narek

May 3, 2021
The second POV does not have audio, thus I cannot do anything there.
ID 83 will be banned for 14 days (6.14 general rules)(3.1 General Rules)(Provoking)
ID 7322 will be banned for 14 days (6.14 general rules)(3.1 General Rules)(Provoking)
ID 1802 will be banned for 14 days for participating in the situation above (6.14 general rules)(3.1 General Rules)(Provoking)

The conflict between Playboys and Saudis is an OOC conflict that started a long time ago. The leaders have had a conversation with the administration when the conflict started and we have tried sorting it out) The players are punished for insulting a person because of an OOC conflict. This is not the first complaint on these people about being toxic. From now on we are going to issue strict punishments for toxicity and make the experience better for our players.
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