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May 8, 2021
Name: Fernando Loya
Gender: Male
Age: 26
DOB: 04/09/1995
Nationality: American with Latin American descendants.
Sex: Straight
Place of Birth: Los Angeles, Ca. USA
Residence: Los Santos, Multiple locations kept secret.
Parents: Trebek Santos(Father), Jackie Santos (Mother)
Height: 6'5
Weight: 215lb
Body Type: Athletic
Eye Colour: brown
Hair Colour: Black

Quote - “The corruption in this city is so thick, the police dogs are taking chew toys as bribes."

Fernando was born as Fernando K Santos and changed his last name to Loya when he began working on first case.

He was born and raised in the roughest part of Los Angeles, California,
The inspiration to every “ghetto”
out there and because of this he has grown a deep hatred to the the gang culture and what they pretend to represent.
Fernando grew up without a father ( his father was involved in gangs and was killed when Fernando was 3)
It took him years of self therapy and self help books to overcome the trauma that had been installed on him at an early age.
He was witness to many drug deals, robberies, and murders. All of which he never wanted to be a part of but given where he lived, he had no choice but to witness the horrible scenes that would take place in front of the broken down apartments he lived in.

Growing up Fernando and Maybe got along but when Maybe started hanging out with the wrong crowd, Fernando found his own thing.

He began at the age of 16 organizing small race events within his high school and began to make money with hese events. Not only would he participate and win, but he was able to get enough funds out of this to create an official racing team.. Fernando had drivers under him that were twice his age racing legal events. What set Fernando apart was his vision and his understanding on how to obtain it. He knew he would need to learn how to be a leader, and so he began to read and go to seminars soaking in as much information on leadership as he could. He began to incorporate what he had learned with his team and in turn his racing team became known in the Great Los Angeles Area as the team you wanted to join if you wanted to take your driving career the next level.

When his brother Maybe presented the opportunity to go to Los Santos with their mom, Ferna declined the offer saying he had everything he needed here in Los Angeles.

Couple hours after maybes and his mother’s departure to Los Santos, Fernando was kidnapped by his dead fathers gang.
The gang told him he was to give over his racing team to them ( profits, leadership and all) and he was going to give information on where Maybe had ran off.

They tortured him, but they were not successful in extracting information. Oddly enough Fernando had been in a way, prepared for something like this. Years of driving extremely fast within inches of death he had adopted and installed the understanding that everything is mental. His fears, his thoughts, his doubts it’s all controllable. He found a way to tune everything out and place his focus on one thing and one thing only.
The goal.

Ferna being able to withstand the torture that the gang inflicted. The lead interrogator became desperate and in a split second made a mistake, Fernando was able to break free, grab a car key in sight and bolted outside desperately looking for the car that would match the key.
As soon as he got in the car he floored it and went full speed out of HQ as 5 gang cars chased after him.
Fernandos exceptional driving abilities mixed with the adrenaline and he managed to break out of sight of every gang member that was chasing him.

He phoned maybe and no answer, He knew his brother had gone into law and wasn’t sure what kind of danger him and his mother were in. Fernando got on a last minute flight to Los Santos.

He landed and saw a missed call from his mom and 10 missed calls from maybe.

He calls his mom, no answer.
Strange since she always answers her phone, he calls maybe and as soon as Maybe answered the phone, fernandos heart sank.

The phone resonated with sirens in maybes background but what pierced Fernando was Maybes yell. A yell so deeply felt that Fernando instantly knew something was very wrong, something to do with his mother.
When the words came out of Maybes mouth, Fernandos world turned upside down. Fernandos felt like his soul was taken out, this pain was unlike anything he had every experienced.

Weeks later and the investigation turned to no arrest. The footage of the crime disappeared from the evidence locker, the detective in charge of the case let the case go cold, seemed purposefully.

Fernando was livid. He obtained his degree in forensic psychology and began working aside his brother in the force.

Outcomes -

Fernandos exceptional driving skills puts him in a position where he can attempt to outrun any threat / gang trying to pull him over to rob him.. When Fernando is driving, the ability to escape any situation is open as most level street thug has not had near the same amount of training. Or hours behind the wheel professionally

Fernandos diploma in forensic science has opened the door for him with many organizations and has been invited as a consultant with Maybe. His leadership skills have proven to be a great asset when running investigations and field work.

Fernando carry’s an assault rifle with him at all times given the training he’s received from PD for a heavy fire arm. Ferna understands that an AR may be Overpowered in certain situations however the importance of the work he’s doing and given the nature of the individuals he is working against, he needs to match the firepower his enemy is using.

Fernando performs searches without warning. This comes out of the necessity to catch the individuals he is chasing within the division he has focused on. Due to the nature of the individuals he tags, there’s a limited amount of time he has between stopping the suspect he’s building a case against and having the suspect call his back up. Fernando would much rather confiscate any illegal items on the street before he looses the chance. His priority is to clean the streets of all illegal items especially items that came out of our state organizations.

Fernando wears a mask when on special duty and missions. This is to avoid detection given the severity of his work and his undercover work. He will maintain PD rules however certain situations will call for the use of his mask for the sake of on going investigations and operations.

Fernando wears sunglasses that record everything and uploads this directly to build his case files. He is always recording as the cases he builds are always actively shifting in direction.

Fernando can take a 3v1 given his weapons training with lspd and special training when he began to work as a consultant.

Fernando will assist individuals in DOC with yard time, gym etc. when they show him respect and ask nicely. He has seen how DOC has play favoritism and when he’s around DOC he makes it a point to show a different face to the inmates and show them not everyone in the state is corrupt or out to get them. Fernando believe in rehabilitation.

Fernandos commitment puts him on call anytime he steps into the city. He will carry a vest around with him and in his trunk he will cart an extra vest in the event he is working special duty and requieres a vest or weapon.

Fernando may have to show up to the scene of the crime in his personal vehicle with his personal weapon given the nature of work he’s doing. He won’t always be in uniform when he’s working a case depending on the situation and what’s required.

Fernando will take payment of a bribe but will still prosecute after. He does so to make a point that our department will not be bought. He will accept the money offered and continue to book as he would want to make a point every time. While he will gladly accept money, he would never turn our department into a joke, rather wishes to show we are done playing around. He understands the psychology behind taking the money and still giving the punishment. This will make future attempts to bribe a lot more rare as criminals begin to understand we will take the money, but still they do the time.

Fernando may take confiscated illegal weapons off the floor and keep them. This is required to feed stock to his informants and strike deals with the gang leaders. He may sale the weapons to these individuals or third parties to fund the back and forth of information exchanges that are vital to his cases. Fernandos intentions are not to make money but to use them as bargaining chip.

Fernando has been known to be rough and tough with criminals, sometimes aggressive but never beyond what his expertise finds necessary . He grew in the worst part of Town and has learned the mentality of most gang members He has the ability to match the aggressiveness, speak the lingo, and bring them back down to earth. He may have to use questionable tactics at times to ensure the safety of his partners and cases. His intentions are always pure, be a strong presence for the department out in the field.

Fernando may attempt to PIT maneuver a vehicle at his discretion. He has been trained alongside his years of driving make him the ideal person to use such tactics.

Nova Grey

May 7, 2021
I accept your Biography Except points 1 and 4, also I will accept 1v2 instead of 1v3 gunfights and Pit maneuvers may only be done in a car suitable for it no more than one attempt per minute to avoided VDM or CR

Melvin Lacoste

AKA lactose intolerant.
May 9, 2021
BIO has been DISABLED as your new leader has not Approved your BIO.​
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