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Bucky Rich

May 12, 2021
Name: Bucky Singh
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Race: White
Nationality: American
Date of birth: 18/09/2002
Place of Birth: Toronto, USA
Father: Mika Singh
Mother: Mira Singh
Weight: 155
Height: 5’11”
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Sea Green
Facial hair: Beard
Tattoos: 1 body, 1 arm
Favorite color: Black
Strengths: Smart, problem solver, good shooting,excellent driver and learns from mistakes.
Weakness: Impatient, lazy, and arrogant.

Bucky Singh was born in Toronto,USA on 18 September,2002 in the house of Mika and Mira Singh. He brought up to be an impatient and arogant boy with lazy attitude. He is not arrogant all the time but is towards the people who dont respect him and keep judging him. Bucky became a sad and depressed person with no friends and families. He would just look after himself and was anit-social.He became complete opposite of his arrogant and impatient nature. He came to Los Santos at the age of 15 to look for the people who killed his parents when he was 14. He wanted to take his revenge by killing those murders. He tried finding those criminals at every corner of the city he left no leaf unturned but couldnt find anyone of them. At last he ended up losing all of his money and savings and didnt had anything to eat. Then he meet a person who was sweet but was into illegal stuff like killing people and selling illegal goods. That person gave Bucky everything he wanted from food to cars. He decided that he would earn more money than andone in the city could and become millionare. After driving the fast cars that person gave him he started driving cars fast and breaking the rules. He was so fast that even the Highway Patrol(SAHP) couldnt catch him. That person also taught Bucky how to use a gun and brought Bucky into the gang. Bucky who was once a sad and depressed person who would just care about himself he became arrogant and impatient like he was before when started to work with the Mrabunta Grande. He used to have fun in killing. He used showoff his guns, cars and abilities everywhere and the whole city knew about him. He had no mercy and caused alot off trouble in the state. Soon he started to have friends who were not actually his friends but were his collegues. Slowly the days passed and he started having friends whom he used to hangout with. He used to go to rob with them and shared an unbreakable bond with them. Once he tried drugs with his friends and he felt nostalgic about his past he remembered that he had come in LosSantos to get revenge but was strayed. He remembered the things his parents used to tell him. They used to say that "What ever you do in your ilfe never do anything illegal even if it is tempting you very much". He decided that he would join the FIB with the help of which he would find the murderers who killed his parents. He would also never leave the side of his friends even if they do whatever they want. He had sweared on his blood that he would find the killer and punish them on the top of Mount Chiliad.

1. He will let go his friends(Family members) if they are caught in any illegal activity.
2. He will use FIB cars whenever he needs (Arrogant and Impatient nature).
3. He can take guns out from the armory and sell it out to other people(wants to be rich).
4. He will kill any person who he suspects as the killer of his parents.
5. Can drive cars as fast as he can even when not in any event.
6. Can showoff his status anywhere.
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May 8, 2021
I cannot approve or deny these, but I must ask if you got proper approval from the Director for OOC Corruption through discord.

Derek Winchester

Vice President, The Lost MC
May 7, 2021
I will list all accepted agents after I review their BIO once it has been approve by the admins.
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