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May 8, 2021
Name : Ace Singh
Gender: Male
Date of Birth:11/08/1998
Nationality: Indian
Place of Birth: India
Residence : Harmony ,Route 68,Los Santos,USA.
Father: Arthur Singh
Mother: Scarlett San
Height: 165 (cm)
Weight: 74(kg)
Body Type: lean muscular
Eye Color: Brown
Hair color : Dark brown
Facial Hair: Neat beard
Tattoos: 1 back tattoo, 2 body tattoo, 1 right arm tattoo
Citizenship: Indian, American
Personality: Friendly, Always ready for action
Hobbies: Fashion, Collecting Masks,shooting guns at shooting range.

Ace Singh was born on 11 august 1998 in Punjab, India. His father was a gang leader of local gang . His father started training him from the day one prepairing him to join the gang . He got the proper combat training from the top hitmans of the gang . He started using guns from young age . But he always had different attitude he was a friendly person and always ready to help needy people . on his 18th birthday they were having a party then suddenly his farther got shot by the opposite gang member and he died on the spot.Instead of taking the revenge he and his mother left the country and moved to los santos,usa for the better good and to start a new life.

Once they reached los santos they dont knew anyone in the city who can help him to get a job to fulfill his ans his mothers basic needs . so he decided to join a gang one last time to earn some money . So he joined the gang name (marabunta Grante) in a gang he made a couple of friends which later in time became like his family members . he was alwas the first one to help his family and friends he worked in that gang for atleast 1 year. During that time he got more bold and brave and always ready to handle situations by himself.
Then he left the gang and started looking for some govt . jobs then got a job in FIB , he never told anyone about his past . being in FIB he always try help his family and friends to stay away from any danger . and he always tries to help needy people . He has been loyal towards the organisation but sometimes he do bend rules to help his family and friends.


1. Ace will put his life on the line for his dearest friends and family, as well as the defense of those who can't or won't protect themselves. This will imply that he would have to take part in complicated and precarious circumstances to rescue people and avoid the offenders who are the source of all of these dangerous situations.
2. Showing no fear to 3 or less people being able to try his best to get out of a situation where 3 or less people are holding him at gunpoint. This is only when he can see a clear way out.
3. The use of FIB weapons to be used off duty for personal use. (Will not to be used for any events)
4. When seeing someone he cares about being arrested he will attempt to free them (This is not by finishing them but letting them go if no one else will be able to notice it.)
5.Can help people out that need help around the city.
6. he may be corrupt and bend laws to cater to his nearest and most trusted family members and friends. He'd even make sure his cover wasn't blown while he was undercover. Marlon will not use these corrupt methods and rule violations for financial gain, and the impractical way must be kept as hidden as possible, so it should be unthinkable for him to do so.


May 8, 2021
I am curious as to if you got approval from the FIB director to make these biographies, as he does have a say in OOC corruption permissions.
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