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Gunga Singh

May 8, 2021
Name: Gunga Singh
Gender: Male.
Age: 24.
Date of birth: 27/12/1993 Nationality: Indian American.
Place of Birth: Chicago Residence: Los Santos City, San Andreas.
Parents: Father: Sundar , Died of cancer.
Mother: Mandikini , killed in a car accident.
Height and weight: 280 lbs.
Body Type: Masculine.
Eye color: Black
Hair color: Blonde.

Gunga Singh was a child who lost both of his parents at the young age of 12. He grew up in a foster home where he was mistreated and subjected to violence every day. Life had never been good for him. He developed several mental problems. He always felt that he would one day leave this wretched house and get a good life for good. The fateful day arrived , whilst his foster parents weren't home Gunga stole all the money from the safe and took a taxi to Los Santos - The city of dreams . He worked hard day and night but was shocked to see the unfairness of the system where favoured people had everything in the beginning while commoners like him had to put in countless hours to earn meagre amounts . After 5 years of hard work he barely managed to get his dream home worth 500k in the heart of Los Santos . but his happiness was short lived . He was shocked to see the enormous sum that he had to pay as insurance to the govt and immediately realised that he could never rise up the ranks at this rate . He felt broken and anxious. He had lost all hope. The next year he gave away his 500k apartment to a young man who just entered Los Santos , rented a car, went to the Highway bridge , jumped down and ended his life. He succumbed to the system and the pressures of life and a promising soul left the world due to the government and the pressures of life.

Yet he was a god fearing person and thankful to god for helping him in various stages of his life. He just couldn't make it.

We lost a young innocent soul to the system
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