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Players nickname
Joezif Zeebo
Suspect ID
Date of violation
Jun 10, 2021
Time of violation
3am EST

Joezif Zeebo

Jun 11, 2021
So we had been RPing to take a police hostage we had multiple gang members at a assigned destination and it was our 3 job to take a police officer hostage and take him to the rendezvous point.

We were driving down the highway and got pulled over by a police officer, when we stopped the officer crashed(PC) so we couldn't RP the situation with that officer , but then another police officer hit us on the highway. (The Driver was RPING with us which was GREAT! )when i stepped out of the vehicle and pulled gun and initiated and told the officers to step out and put their hands up , The Driver Compiled but the officer in the back seat Failed Rp told the driver to leave so I shot the driver down and told him to step out of the vehicle and comply to our demands (we had 3 members same gang) WE WERE NOT GOING TO ROB THEM until they were at the rendezvous point.

The officer in the back did 0 RP with us the whole time. He Broke character because he didn't like the situation claiming "I wasn't wearing 51% blue" " and "your going to get banned bitch" The officer did 0 RP with us since he had seen us. People like this ruin the whole immersion of the game when they cant follow basic RP, we had been Rping this for about a hour to have it ruined by people who don't follow character. its fail RP at its basics. he never spoke in CHAR ONCE while we were role playing.

Please take a look at this. This ruins the whole premise of the game. If he doesn't want to RP Go play on GTAV or Five M. Just because hes a officer his "Sense of entitlement " is ridiculous. Even when other officers seen came to the situation they agreed this officer should have just followed rp.
There has been a huge boost of cops not RPing like actual cops and "just doing what they want" because they feel the laws in their hands & it really ruins the server to deal with.

Please im not one to report people but this ignorance on this guy since we started was very very irritating we were ready for RP he was ready for GTA V ONLINE

Dont know why my voice is so staticy in the video
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Kevin Ryze

💙 Leader of Marabunta Grande
May 7, 2021
Upon reviewing the evidence, I have decided to Accept this report.​
  • ID 13470 will receive a punishment for NonRP.
  • Hello, the above mentioned player refused to comply with an RP Robbery, he will receive jail time for this.

    If you feel the punishment the administrator issued is incorrect, feel free to file a Punishment Appeal
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