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Sam Pluxury

Deputy Chief Administrator
Deputy Chief Administrator
May 7, 2021
Rules for filing a complaint:
  • The topic should be done strictly according to the form;

Example#1: DM | ID 10053

Example#2: SK | ID 633

Example#3: Cheats | ID 1110

  • Spam with the same type of topics is prohibited;
  • It is forbidden to insult anyone and provoke insults;
  • The screenshot should be uploaded to imgur.com / The video should be uploaded on youtube.com;

The administrator has the right to refuse to consider the complaint if:
  • The complaint is not in the form of a complaint;
  • Evidence is cropped or edited (must be 1 minute+(exceptions might be, when you can understand the whole situation for less than 1 min));
  • Evidence uploaded to other sources;
  • 2 days passed after a violation;
  • The complaint contains insults, impertinence or inadequacy;
  • The complaint is filed by a person who is not related to the situation. (POV must be personally made by person who is involved in situation);
Not open for further replies.
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