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Rejected Multiple Infractions | FIB Organization

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Players nickname
Tony Colso
Suspect ID
Date of violation
Jun 11, 2021
Time of violation


Tony Colso or AirTony
May 9, 2021
To start theirs a active 10-10 at legion square between the bloods and the FIB. As I've done multiple times I sit near to possibly filter calls, inform ems, and or provide assistance. Between 1:30 and 3:34 I stay with my car idle near the active 10-10. During this time I'm informing our employees of the current situation that's occurring down the street from the Central Hospital over voice/text radio. I waited as stated above two whole minutes before moving in when this wild west shootout cools down. At 3:39 I see two downed bloods "cuffed" in need of assistance. I run over and at 3:51 I say, " Yo do you guys want me to get these guys up" to make sure they are cuffed and I can proceed with my job as ems. Over radio someone says " Yo yo we managed to air out the bloods umm they dispersed and (cant understand this part) umm we are currently cuffing the ones (I can't understand the rest)." Like always we "ems" show up to do our jobs and the FIB like done in the past picks them up. Then to make this whole cluster ***** even worse at the end ID 5917 straight pops off for something I wasn't even apart of (cause I just flew in 10 minutes before this).

I was told to put someone's ID in the video as a suspect but the ticket involves a lot of people.

Nova Grey

May 7, 2021
The FIB were dealing with an active situation and no one deemed it safe for EMS to be there
State Rules 1.18 EMS employees must not assist unconscious people during an active gunfight. You must leave the area until it is deemed safe. Failure to comply will result in PG, Fear RP, and UB. | Demorgan 120 min.
Yes the situation may have seemed to have been over but it was never deemed safe by a LEO for EMS to be there.

I will spare you a demorgan this time, But there are no rules broken by the LEO that were there.

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