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Rejected Complaint against Andy Lemon for discrimination/Favoritism

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Jun 11, 2021
6:00 am


May 11, 2021
The Video
In the first video the bloods nonrply show up to the prison DOC greenzone holding weapons (which is against the rules)

2.4 Other: Lifeinvader, LS Airport, Licensing Center, Trade Market, Stadium, Casino, Prison, Post Office, Auto Fair, Real Estate Agency, Recruiting Office, Weapon Assembly, Beach Gym, Resource Exchange Points, Purchasing Rooms, Bank, ATM, Fishing Pier , Residential complex, Auto theft.

Andy Lemon then informs them that they broke the rules, since they were waiting in the greenzone and didnt follow me to the DOC. Andy Lemon then proceeds to allow the entire mob of bloods to insult and berate me through the chat. He then forces me to release the suspec to them which is admins interfering with an RP situation.

In my next video I will show another example of Andy discriminating against me for my race at a Legion Square music event. I offer to rap, and he tells me no because hes going to "Do something different like play jazz". Im a very reasonable person but this is BS beyond belief because im trying to participate in the event and be part of the community, but I continue to be alienated at every turn. I love this server but I feel like I am being disrespect as a player and a CUSTOMER by the staff that is supposed to be here to help us all.

The final video that I posted is not directly correlated to the complaint, but I am using it as an example to show the dynamic of how me and this specific admin communicate.

Alex Odd

Deputy Chief Administrator
Deputy Chief Administrator
Apr 28, 2021
We don't have ANY rules which restricts holding of GUNS in green zones
And on VIDE Don't see ANY Discrimination on ur RACE, and nothing even close to this
By the way you can read WHO IS CONSIDERED KING of JAZZ... it will be really useful.
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