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Approved CR/FailRP/Robbed City | ID 1177 10928 5038

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Players nickname
Suspect ID
1177 10928 5038
Date of violation
May 9, 2021
Time of violation
7:24pm pst


Tony Colso or AirTony
May 9, 2021
I don't have the 5 minute chase due to my instant replay bugging out has no game sound. I noticed and fixed it so I have 2 short clips. I told to jayjaylee i was driving through the city then near the arena followed by a car with 2 people not enough to rob. Then on the way back to the city I was rammed by another one. Still no demands till I enter the city near the city bank down the street from pd. Chase happens they crash into me etc saying failrp pull over. But the rules I literally cant be robbed in the city. They crash into me and just straight kill me. I know the ghetto you can kill for no reason but city you
Please don't close the ticket without telling me what I did wrong.

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