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Rejected Lewis McDougall (NG pilot and vehicle specialist Biography)

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Lewis McDougall.

May 10, 2021
NAME: Lewis McDougall
AGE: 19
DOB: 12.12.2001
PLACE OF BIRTH: Paleto bay San ANdreas
PARENTS: Henry and Alicia Mcdougall



McDougall family tree is full of law enforcers, bounty hunters and military personnel, and those, who served united states way or another. Lewis's Grate grandfather, Oscar McDougall was one of the greatest sheriffs in Bayou Nwa, and his arrests were legendary, but often exaggerated. Oscar Mcdougall was a known adventurist, and his horse Sean followed him loyally around the mountains and sweeping deserts. No deserts or rivers stopped them. Oscar just drank too much, so much that climbing on top of the mount Hagen was in his opinion a good idea. rumor says that he is still looking for that one bottle up there.


Another interesting ancestor is Henry Mcdougall, he is actually Lewis's Father. Hes prime years were around sixties, when he was Sandy Shores Sheriff. he drove with his mustang around desert, and catch moonshiners and outlaws, just like Oscar did. Henry wasn't heavy drinker as his father, but sometimes he felt grabbing into bottle. Henry And Alicia were together from high school, but they never got a child, because they didn't want bring child into this world. But many decades later, one drunk night ended up 9 months later.



Henry and Alicia loved Lewis so much that they could. They decision to not get a child was strong one, but Lewis brought new activity into their lives. Lewis was very vivid, and sometimes he drove his parents into insanity with his talking and running around house.
Lewis was not very good at school for a couple of first years, but he got a lot better when he was around 9. At that point Lewis started showing interest in cars and planes. Often he would drive with his bike to Mckenzie field watch planes. One day he met there a pilot named Pablo, who gave him flight with two seater crop duster, and from that one, Lewis Sneaked every week to that field to fly. And finally Pablo let lewis fly. From that day on, Lewis flew every day, and Pesticidet local farms, and between farms he did daring stunts.



His Parents owned company at Sandy shores called Junk and such. Lewis spent a lot of time there, and used his time to fix cars, and take them to the joyride to the desert. But very fast joyrides became boring, and he started to drive faster and faster around sandy shores, until one day he started participating to local demolition derbies, and cause Junk and such was car dismantling company, his parents didn't suspect anything, cause cars were already destroyed, and Lewis fixed them in secret to make them working again.



Lewis became very good at demolition derby, but he had to stop, cause otherwise his mom would know from paper. And Lewis knew that his mom would get heart attack from that. Lewis continued to drive around with car, and flying around, but he was still getting more bored, and he tried many other activities, like hiking in large forests, or mountain climbing, but he had to start focusing onto shool more.




In the School Lewis was always alone, because others thought that Lewis was too weird, but he didn't care, because he always were thinking what adventures waited him next. His mom tried to give him gifts that would help him to socialize, but she didn't know what Lewis were doing on his free time. Lewis Had one friend, Pablo, man who teached him to fly and drive. In spite of Pablo teached Lewis to drive, he hated driving himself very much, cause his wife and son died at car accident. So one day he made a lot work for his mother for a bike, and gave it to Pablo. He didn't use money made from dusting the farms, cause he were saving them for his own plane. Not long after, pablo died, but no one cared about him, and Lewis was only one who went into his funeral. After that, Lewis continued Pablos work always when he could. Pablos death hardened lewis, and he stopped caring. Time passed, and that feeling went away, but after that Lewis couldnt fear death anymore, and he always wanted to know, what is beyond our life. 2012, year of end of the world, and end of his childhood.





Lewis's mom had to go to school cause she wanted to become a nurse, so Henry and Alicia decided that Lewis and she moves to Alderney for a year. Lewis didn't like about this, cause it would get him away from his hobbies. But he couldn't say anything to it. Life in Alderney was more busy, because everything was so big, but there were also a bright side, cause new york was trainride away from home in Alderney.


Lewis also went school in Alderney. It was very old, but Lewis always has liked old building, because Lewis feels something special when hes near them.




After one year in Alderney, Lewis moved back to Paleto bay with his mom, and so he could get back on what he loved most. Of course he loved his parents too, but Lewis never was very good around people.


After all schools, Lewis settled to Los Santos.
Life there was very hectic, and he hated people in Los santos so he returned to paleto bay for a while. He started looking for a job, and got it from government vehicles and the navy department. His job was sorting vehicle orders between Us Army battalions. His childhood was very slow, and he wished it to end fast, but now when he is an adult, it seems much more boring. Lewis went daily to fly from mcKenzie field, but he grew out of it fast. Day after day he worked at a department, and got angry because of constant boredom, and moved back to Los santos, and then he heard about recruitment in San Andreas national guard, and decided to join. He ranked up fast in military, and soon he became a pilot. Everyone in national guard noticed, how good pilot Lewis was, and soon he was in charge of piloting renovation program. One day he resigned from national guard, cause he was always a lone wolf, and in military, everyone has to do everything in team work. But he joined back, and general personally gave him permission to leave the base to patrol alone, from which Lewis is very grateful. In spite of being lone wolf for his whole life, he started to let national guard to become his family. Sometimes his argues with officers, but he still knows that they care about him.

Lewis is still serving in National guard, just like his Ancestors, also he ended up serving his country. Lewis knows, that he will serve in National guard until his death.
In his free time, which is very short, cause Lewis uses almost all time awake to serve, he will decorate his drive, and drive around country. Lewis also like photography, and camping into woods, just like when he was child.


1- Lewis does not fear death, which makes robbing him very tedious and hard task, and if robbers slip even for second, Lewis will run.
2- Cause large experience from vehicles, racing and demolition derbying, Lewis knows how to drive away from threat, no matter how many cars are following him
3- Because Demolition derby experience, Lewis knows how to ram Vehicles out of his way, if he needs to protect something or someone
4- Because Lewis knows about his ancestors, robbing guns, ammo and armor from him is impossible, cause he rather dies than betrays his country by giving powerful weapons to criminals.
5- If Lewis is hold at gunpoint in car, he can accelerate away, cause racing experience and not fearing death, he also know how to duck behind panel, which way he is protected from bullets.
6- Because being in SASD special unit, Lewis can carry 2 weapons off duty, cause he has to be first in crime scenes
7- Because Lewis is leading vehicle specialist in national guard, he can drive armored vehicles without escort for research and training purposes,
8- As vehicle expert, Lewis can drive non armored cars in city, and wear non officer uniform, when representing national guard in different matters.
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May 7, 2021
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