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Players nickname
Malachi shelby
Suspect ID
Date of violation
Jun 14, 2021
Time of violation


Jun 2, 2021
This girl is power-gaming throughout the entire clip. She is power gaming because she knows her admin friend is watching her
- 3:16 girl says "I'm not even scared of you" while i have ak

-3:29 " I have ten of those" she claims to have ten more body armour.

-3:54 instead of running away she turns back around and talks

-3:56 I say "I been telling her to leave she don't wanna leave" and she says "please do and I'm not scared of you"

- 4:00 I say put your hands up "I'm NOT going to rob you." at this point she is just talking so I kill her. ( she says "thank god" as she dies)

-4:13 admin comes in mad and says that we are all getting warnings for "killing her because she was already robbed.

I received a warning for this. If anyone watches this clip they will see that I'm fully in the right and that I have been wrongfully convicted of breaking getto rules 1.4
this girl should be convicted of breaking FearRp rule.

Kevin Som

✨Who Am I?
May 7, 2021

Firstly, I have spoken to the Admin on scene regarding this incident, and he has no connection to the girl. We do not appreciate these baseless assumptions that administrators are friends with players and favor one player over another.

Secondly, it would appear you already robbed this player once before. Robbing someone then killing them after the robbery will lead to a violation of Ghetto Rules 1.14 If a person complies with given demands its not allowed to kill them | Warn. If she complied with the robbery, it is not allowed for you to find her moments later and kill her. If you would like to appeal your punishment, file a punishment appeal.

Finally regarding your player complaint, you should have never had this interaction with the player to begin with as she was under the protection of Ghetto Rules 1.14 since we have been having such a large problem of people killing people after they comply with a robbery, so she is not in breach of any rules.

Complaint Denied.
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