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Approved OOC insults, CR ,DM,6.20,PG,toxic | ID9389 , ID35230 , ID9379

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Players nickname
Grenth scotch
Suspect ID
Date of violation
Jun 18, 2021
Time of violation

grenth scotch

bus driver
Jun 2, 2021
violation performed:
OOC insult
car ramming
rules of play 6.20
not wearing 51% gang clothing
toxic behavior

I was doing my carrier job and on highway a car appears with player id 9389 calling me a fucking emo ("Emo is a slang term used to describe complete homosexuals.)
If it wouldn't be than what would be a case of OCC insult.
They began to car ram me, being salty as fuck, and commanding to pull over without being in number to command a pull over, as it requires a 2 car and 4 person to pull over ,neither they belong to a legal org.
they weren't wearing any gang color as they were not in any org ,
followed by DM id 35230 and car ramming by id 9389 which would be considered as a case of power gaming by a civilian character.

video 1: id 9389 called a fucking emo later on it can be seen his voice was of one calling and can be seen blocking way by car ramming

video 2:car ramming and being salty all three of them

video 3: commands a pullover without fulfilling criteria to command a pullover

video 4: I lost my vehicle , l was read to perform a RP situation being outnumbered by them.

video 5: ID 35230 went for DM without any RP and ID 9389 car ramming

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Gagan Raju

May 13, 2021
Upon reviewing the evidence, I have decided to Accept this report
  • ID 9389, ID 35230, ID 9379 will receive a punishment for GR 6.20
  • During robbery of person, armoured car, trucks (any kind of transport) must be at least 2 cars and 4 persons to stop them and rob.
  • ID 35230 will receive a punishment for DM also.
  • Deathmatching (DM) - Killing another person without a sufficient roleplay reason (deathmatching) is not allowed.

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