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May 11, 2021
Name: Jacob Hunter
Gender: male
Marital status: Married Rika Hunter
Sexuality: Straight Ethnicity:
Mexican Age: 25
Dob: 1/04/1996
Height: 6'0
Build: Strong
Hair: Black
Eyes: brown

Jacob Hunter is from a middle class town in California. His father and mother had been divorced since he was 7 years old they would always fight and argue and he had to do his own thing, make his own food and get to and from school on his own. They struggled with money and struggled with transportation so he had to always find ways to get around and figure out how to pay for his own things and how to pay for his own meals and things. His childhood was very rough but he some how managed to get by and take care of himself. The older he got the more friends he made but they were not the best influence for him. He would go around late at night harming people and dealing drugs to others so he knows the drug market and black market of weapons and such he would also always cover his face so no one knew who he was. Over time he finally realized that he had to get his life together so at the age of 21 he joined the national guard and was there for a while. He was ranked as captain and knew how to shoot and take anyone down he then went to war and had to suit up with other soldiers and he got shot and was sent to the hospital when he was released from hospital he forgot many things. He later then realized he had been doing this for so long that he wanted to switch things up.(edited)

He later then joined the government and became S.S. He was very happy to be here and has a lot of experience with taking people down and knows how to be respectful and nice to others. Although when he came across an old friend from his childhood his memory started to come back and wanted to go back to his old ways of selling and dealing drugs. Although he is in government he knows who wants weapons and who wants drugs and how to handle a firearm very well.

Outcomes: Jacob Hunter will be able to - pull out gun in a 1 v 3 situation because of his time in the nation guard and S.S. Jacob Hunter will be able to - sell drugs and weapons because of his childhood ways Jacob Hunter will be able to - will be able to kidnap / take someone hostage because of his child hood Jacob Hunter will be able to - will be able to wear any mask in any situation because of the army / childhood(edited)
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